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Automatic Speedlane Turnstile For Apartment Entrance Access Control System

Product Details

Place of Origin: ShenZhen

Brand Name: Zento

Certification: CE, ISO9001, ROHS

Model Number: ZT-987

Payment & Shipping Terms

Minimum Order Quantity: 2

Price: Negotiable

Packaging Details: Wooden case

Delivery Time: 15 working days

Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union

Supply Ability: 100 sets per week

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automatic speedlane turnstile


apartment speedlane turnstile

Operating Voltage:
24V DC
Power Consumption:
160 W
Consumption Current:
6.5 A
Throughput Rate (in The Single Passage Mode):
60-75 Persons/min
Passageway Width:
650- 900 Mm
Operating Temperature Range:
From -30 °C To +70 °C
Operating Voltage:
24V DC
Power Consumption:
160 W
Consumption Current:
6.5 A
Throughput Rate (in The Single Passage Mode):
60-75 Persons/min
Passageway Width:
650- 900 Mm
Operating Temperature Range:
From -30 °C To +70 °C
Automatic Speedlane Turnstile For Apartment Entrance Access Control System

Automatic High Speed Lane Vertical Swing Turnstile Barrier Gate for Apartment Entrance Access Control System


The stainless steel design simplifies the installation of additional equipment and increases the durability of the top covers. The turnstile design combines style and easy integration of additional equipment.


Operating modes


The tracking system is equipped with two levels of infrared sensors: 14 pairs are located on the upper level and 28 – on the lower one, which guarantees the safety of passage at high throughput and provides avoiding simultaneous passage of two or more people. The delivery set includes an RC-panel; the orientation of the RC-panel buttons relative to the directions of passage is set when connecting to the turnstile. The powered speed gate operates in normally closed mode. It is possible to switch the turnstile to the additional "Automatic opening in the selected direction" mode, as well as to adjust the home position of the swing panels in the "training" mode. The product provides independent control of the passage in two directions.


Control commands:

• passage denial

• authorized single passage in the set direction

• authorized free passage in the set direction

• authorized free passage in both directions When the power is off, the turnstile panels are unlocked and can be moved manually in any direction.


Speed Lane Turnstile Features


1. Anti-trailing function: There is an infrared light band detection area in the channel. The switch state can be adjusted by software according to customer accuracy requirements. The application of light bands to adapt to different needs avoids the shortcomings of point-type infrared detectors being easily contaminated and affecting the reliability of judgment. It can effectively identify the followers who have not read the card. When the system determines that tailgating has occurred, the system will respond based on the location of the valid cardholder returned by the infrared detector. After the door opening signal is sent, there are still some abnormal uses that will trigger an alarm.


2. Abnormal use conditions:


(1) When the door is closed, a reverse intruder enters the door after the authorized door opening signal is sent. Before passing the first safety photoelectric detection strip, if the reverse detection strip detects someone entering, as long as As long as the person does not leave, the buzzer will keep sounding the alarm and the door will remain closed. The "aging" function does not calculate the time interval at this time.


(2) Reverse intrusion when the door is open. After the door wings are opened, if an unauthorized pedestrian enters the door detection area in the opposite direction, the door will be closed immediately. As long as the first protective detection belt detects the presence of someone, the "time limit" The function does not calculate the time at this time, and the door resumes normal operation when the person leaves the second detection zone.


(3) When the pedestrian left, he reversely broke into the pedestrian and passed the second safety detection zone. Before the door returned to the basic state, the second safety detection zone detected someone entering again without a legal door opening signal, and the alarm system sounded an alarm. But as long as someone is still detected in the protection detection zone, the door will not close.


(4) Close tracking: from the first detector detecting the pedestrian to the last detector when he leaves the first safety detection zone, the time gap is about 0.25 seconds. After the pedestrian leaves the first safety detection zone, the card reader signal When there is no signal to open the door, a pedestrian (follower) is detected in the first detection zone, the alarm sounds, and the door is still open.


(5) After the normally following pedestrian leaves the protection detection area, the first safety detection area detects the intrusion of an unauthorized person, and the door is immediately closed and the alarm sounds.


3. Drive: DC servo drive system and DC brushless drive system


4. Response of the door body in emergency conditions: If there is a sudden power outage during operation of the door, the door wings will stop in the original position and can be pushed freely, or an external 12V battery can be connected ( When there is a power outage, the battery is energized briefly to open the swing door). According to requirements, each device can be equipped with an emergency button. Pressing the button can activate the selected emergency response mode. Channels are generally opened in times of danger or panic. In emergencies such as police, the channel can be closed manually through the remote control button. After power-on or emergency release, the door wing automatically resets after self-checking and clearing the door.


Automatic Speedlane Turnstile For Apartment Entrance Access Control System 0


Full 1.5mm SUS304 snowline + 12mm black marble top
Pass Width
Passage Direction
Single directional/Bi-directional
Pass Rate
35-40 persons/minute
Operating Time
0.2 seconds
Power Input
Working Voltage
24V 105W
Arm Material
10 mm Acrylic
Commercial buldings, Airports, Hotels, Governemnt, Halls, etc
Working Environment
Communication Interface
RS485, Dry contact
Brushless Servo Motor+Encoder+Clutch
5,000,000 Cycles
Cube + 3-color stripes



The difference between swing turnstile gate and speed lane turnstile gate is:


1. Driving mode: The swing turnstile gate has an organic core, 4-wheel drive and 4-slot braking, which belongs to sliding friction. The speed lane turnstile gate motor is directly driven, and the solenoid valve clutch brakes without any friction.


2. Limiting method: Swing turnstile gates generally use proximity switches or optocoupler signals, which have large contact areas and inaccurate limits. Speed lane turnstile gates use encoder limits, which can be accurate to 1°, so swing turnstile gates and speed lane turnstile gates cannot be in the A grade. Many companies on the market say that the current swing gate movement is built on a small plate and acts as a speed gate, but the quality and performance completely fail to meet the standards of a speed gate. The appearance looks no different from the speed lane turnstile gate, but in use it is a typical copycat version.


Swing turnstile gate: It is a widely used channel equipment. It swings to the left and right. It is usually in a normally closed state. That is, the swing turnstile gate is in the middle. When the authorization signal is received, the gate swings forward and opens, allowing pedestrians to pass. When pedestrians are in the middle, the swing turnstile gate passes. If the person fails to pass the electronic beam detection, the machine activates the anti-pinch function and the machine gate does not close. At the same time, the swing turnstile gate also has mechanical anti-pinch. Even if the electronic beam is broken, the mechanical anti-pinch can take effect at any time. The first priority is to ensure the safety of pedestrians. When someone breaks through the turnstile gate and an external force suddenly collides with it, an ordinary swing turnstile gate will damage the swing arm or movement (it depends on the size of the external force). For a swing turnstile gate with an anti-collision swing arm, the swing arm will deviate to one side and be manually reset to protect the movement. function, illegal intrusion, the gate will alarm.


The limit of the swing turnstile gate is accomplished by the proximity switch. The position of the proximity switch is not very accurate every time it stops. It can only approximate the position, which is guaranteed by the four-slot position of the movement. However, the biggest problem with this type of movement is that it is severely worn. , each time it swings, it relies on the sliding friction of the four-grooved wheel. It is recommended that it be used particularly frequently. This swing turnstile gate is not recommended for use. You must consider other gates such as speed lane turnstile gates, flap turnstile gates, and tripod turnstiles.


Automatic Speedlane Turnstile For Apartment Entrance Access Control System 1