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Company News About What is a Bollard gate?
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What is a Bollard gate?

Latest company news about What is a Bollard gate?

A Bollard gate, also known as a Bollard barrier or a Bollard security gate, is a type of entrance/exit control system that utilizes bollards to regulate vehicle access. Bollards are sturdy vertical poles or posts typically made of metal or concrete that are installed in the ground.


A Bollard gate consists of multiple retractable or removable bollards that can be raised or lowered to allow or block vehicular access. The gate operates by controlling the movement of these bollards. When the bollards are raised, they create a physical barrier that prevents vehicles from passing through. Conversely, when the bollards are lowered into the ground, vehicles can freely pass.


Bollard gates are commonly used in areas where there is a need to control and manage vehicle access, such as parking lots, private driveways, pedestrian zones, and sensitive or restricted areas. They provide a flexible and effective solution for enhancing security, preventing unauthorized vehicle entry, and maintaining traffic flow control.

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