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Company News About What is ESD turnstile gate system
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What is ESD turnstile gate system

Latest company news about What is ESD turnstile gate system

What is ESD turnstile gate system?


An ESD turnstile gate system refers to an Electronic Security Devices (ESD) turnstile gate system. ESD turnstiles are advanced security gates commonly used in various facilities to control access. These gates typically feature electronic components and mechanisms that allow controlled entry and exit through gates or barriers. They are often used in conjunction with access control systems to ensure only authorized personnel can pass through, enhancing security and managing traffic flow efficiently. ESD turnstile gate systems can include features such as biometric access control (like fingerprint or facial recognition), RFID card readers, and integration with security management systems.

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What is ESD turnstile gate system? ESD turnstile gate system is a new type of access control management system that combines human electrostatic test and turnstile access control management. The main components of the system are electrostatic test equipment(ESD Tester, ESD wristband, ESD wrist strap, ESD shoes), intelligent ESD access control equipment(ESD turnstile), and intelligent IC card (or fingerprint scanner and other biological identification), and ESD system management software.


ESD turnstile gate system has the functions of safe, effective, and orderly access control for the personnel in the access control management, and intelligent management such as testing whether the static electricity on the body is up to the standard; In order to achieve a safe and convenient working environment, it is recommended to use ESD turnstile gate system and ESD turnstile from Zento Turnstile.


What is a ESD Turnstile?


ESD Turnstile, ESD Access Control System, as the name implies, is an access control system used to test static electricity. If the test is passed, access is granted; if the test fails, access is denied. The Weiliang ESD access control system measures the resistance to ground from a person's hand or foot and indicates results with LED displays and audible alarms. It is an essential testing instrument for employee static detection. The ESD access control system operates on a safe DC12V power supply, ensuring that the entire system provides safe, accurate, convenient, intuitive, and real-time detection while simultaneously generating paperless records and automatically creating employee attendance reports.


The ESD turnstile can achieve secure management of special pedestrian access control. We can customize ESD turnstiles according to your requirements. Of course, we can integrate these human static testing devices (such as ESD testers, ESD wristbands, and ESD shoes) into our turnstiles. We also offer other biometric devices, such as IC/ID card readers, fingerprint scanners, QR code scanners, and facial recognition cameras. If you need to integrate these devices into the ESD turnstile or have any questions, please consult us.

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If you’re looking for an ESD turnstile gate system, take a moment to contact us. Our experienced designers ensure professional designs, minimizing your time, communication costs, product design costs, and solution costs, offering an enhanced ESD turnstile gate system usage experience.


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We also provide ESD access control system solutions, including all accessory hardware products and software, such as card readers, anti-static testers, dual foot testing pedals, anti-static shoes, single and dual route sockets, turnstiles, Linux motherboards, 8-inch LCD screens, backend management software, and circuit sockets. If you need detailed information about all these accessories, please contact our staff for more details.


We offer all equipment, including both software and hardware. Our ESD turnstile system, including our independently developed software and hardware equipment, has been sold to countries such as Australia, Poland, Austria, Brazil, India, Germany, Chile, the United States, and has received unanimous praise. Currently, our software supports three languages. Of course, if you need to customize the local language, we can also help you achieve that.


We promise to only use high-quality turnstile mechanisms that have been tested and verified countless times, and we never use relatively cheap inferior products. This is the most basic requirement for us to ensure quality. Each of our accessories undergoes strict selection and quality control. Only in this way can we produce turnstiles that truly satisfy customers. Each of our components can be individually displayed and tested for our customers.


Key Features of an ESD Turnstile:


1. Electrostatic Testing:
- ESD Tester: Integrated within the turnstile to measure the effectiveness of employees' anti-static shoes and wristbands.
- ESD Wristband/Wrist Strap: These are worn by employees and tested by the system to ensure they are functioning correctly.
- ESD Shoes: The turnstile tests the static discharge capabilities of these specialized shoes.


2. Access Control Management:
- Authorization Verification: Uses intelligent IC cards, fingerprint scanners, or other biometric methods to verify the identity of personnel.
- Turnstile Gate: Opens only for individuals who pass both the ESD test and identity verification.


3. System Integration:
- Management Software: Monitors and records ESD test results and access events, ensuring compliance and providing an audit trail.


How an ESD Turnstile Works:
1. **ESD Testing**: Employees approach the turnstile and undergo testing for their anti-static shoes and wristbands.

2. **Identity Verification**: If the ESD test is passed, the system then verifies the employee’s identity through IC cards, fingerprints, or other biometrics.

3. **Access Granted**: The turnstile gate opens, allowing the employee to enter the designated area only if both tests are successfully passed.


The ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) Turnstile System is a security device used to control access to specific areas. These systems typically consist of a pair of barrier gates installed at the entrance. The turnstile is designed to allow only one person to pass through at a time and can be configured to permit entry only to authorized personnel.


The operation of the ESD turnstile system is based on electrostatic discharge detection. As a person approaches the turnstile, they accumulate static charges due to friction between their clothing and the surrounding environment. Sensors installed on the barrier gates can detect these charges, and if the charge is within an acceptable range, the sensors will trigger the turnstile to open.


Once the turnstile opens, the person can pass through, and the barrier gates will automatically close. The barrier gates can be configured to operate in different modes, such as allowing only one person to pass through at a time or allowing multiple people to pass through quickly in succession.


In addition to electrostatic discharge detection, some ESD turnstile systems may also include other security features such as facial recognition or fingerprint scanning to further enhance access control.


For detailed information or more about the ESD turnstile system, or if you need factory project pricing for ESD turnstiles, ESD tripod turnstiles, ESD flap barriers, or ESD turnstiles, please contact us. We are an experienced ESD turnstile supplier and can provide you with professional solutions.


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- Electronics Manufacturing: To prevent static discharge damage to sensitive components.

- Cleanrooms: Ensures strict control over static electricity and contamination.

- Research Laboratories: Protects sensitive experiments and equipment from electrostatic damage.


By combining electrostatic testing with access control, ESD turnstiles ensure that only qualified and authorized personnel can access sensitive areas, thereby protecting equipment and maintaining the integrity of controlled environments.

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Functions of the ESD Turnstile Gate Access Control System:


1. Identity Recognition via Card Swiping: Alarms are triggered if someone enters the channel without swiping their card, preventing intentional evasion or intrusion, resulting in high overall anti-static efficiency.


2. Combination with Flap Barrier: Provides effective control and mandatory testing, avoiding unauthorized personnel from entering or multiple people sneaking in with one person's test.


3. Card Swiping System Options: Can choose between inductive card recognition or fingerprint or facial recognition (the latter two are optional). Card types include common ID, IC, HID cards, and existing employee cards can be used for unified access.


4. Customizable Access Conditions: Based on the card's permissions, different access conditions can be set. For example, VIPs or management leaders need only swipe their card to pass, office staff need to pass an anti-static shoe test, and workshop assembly workers must pass both hand and shoe anti-static tests. This avoids the inconvenience of manually adjusting tests with traditional testers.


5. Independent Testing of Hands and Both Feet: Results are displayed separately for each, ensuring no grounding blind spots and compliance with international standards.


6. High-Brightness LCD Display: Clearly shows test time, card number, employee number, and test results, including errors for hands and shoes, making it easy for employees to understand errors directly.


7. Alarm for Testing Without Card Swiping: Reminds new employees to follow correct testing procedures, avoiding time wastage and incorrect swiping by subsequent users.


8. Scientific Information Management: Accurate and effective, with 100% paperless records. The ESD card swiping host automatically logs test results, preventing human error, and automatically generates complete ESD test management reports.


9. Database-Logged Tests: Management reports include records of approved and denied entries, time zone control, or holiday restrictions, as well as abnormal results for hands and shoes, allowing clients to track and inspect genuine ESD reports beyond standard access control logs.


10. Customizable Test Results Integration:Can be linked with attendance systems for attendance purposes or integrated with HR software to automatically update new hires or terminations (requires secondary development).


11. Customizable Data Upload: Test data can be uploaded in a customizable format to a specified directory for use by attendance or other software applications (requires secondary development).


12.Standalone or Real-Time Monitoring: The system can operate independently offline or in real-time online monitoring of ESD tests, with hardware testing time of 2-3 seconds for quick response to avoid congestion.


13. International Standard Foot Pedal Design:The anti-static tester foot pedal is designed separately for both feet to comply with international standards, preventing testing loopholes that could cause electrostatic discharge damage.


14. Detachable Signal Connection Line:The signal connection line between the anti-static tester and card reader is detachable, facilitating easy disassembly when the anti-static tester is sent for inspection.



ESD turnstile gate system composition:


The ESD access control system consists of an electrostatic comprehensive testing module, core mechanism, turnstile, identification module, turnstile control module, and management software.


1. Electrostatic Comprehensive Testing Module: According to national standards, this module conducts electrostatic testing on the feet wearing anti-static shoes and the hands wearing anti-static wristbands simultaneously. Only those who pass the electrostatic test within the corresponding permissions can pass through. Each testing part is equipped with corresponding indicator lights to display the test results in real time. It can also be equipped with a visual LCD display.


2. Core Mechanism: The internal mechanism is highly integrated, combining driving, locking, and control functions into one module. It features a fully silent structure, with all components treated for corrosion resistance and wear, ensuring long-term durability. It includes a professional locking rod device and precise positioning detection device, ensuring stable operation, flexible and reliable locking, and accurate positioning of the turnstile arm. In case of an emergency, the turnstile arm automatically drops when the power is cut off.


3. Turnstile: Molded using modular welding technology; internal parts are produced modularly; electrical and electromechanical parts are directly connected to the control unit, reducing wiring, with clear and straightforward wire ducts; clear and precise labeling of line interfaces, with all interfaces designed to prevent incorrect connections.


4. Identification Module: Supports various identification methods such as passwords, RFID cards, fingerprints, and iris recognition, as well as combinations of these methods. Combinations include fingerprint recognition, password + fingerprint recognition, single password, RFID card + fingerprint recognition, single card, RFID card + password, single iris, iris recognition + password, and iris recognition + RFID card. IC (ID) card applications are generally more common.


5. Turnstile Control Module: Integrates the power control module and access control module into one unit.


6. Management Software: Allows setting different testing requirements for employees, real-time viewing of electrostatic testing results and access status, and exporting electrostatic testing reports via the software interface on the server.

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The ESD turnstile anti-static access control system allows employees to undergo electrostatic testing only after their card has been swiped and testing permissions have been verified. The electrostatic testing permissions can be broadly divided into three types:


1. First Type (Mainly for Visitors): After the card verification is successful, the person can pass through the tripod turnstile (flap barrier, swing gate). The backend software records the card swiping time.


2. Second Type (Mainly for Workshop Management Personnel): After the card verification is successful, the person undergoes shoe testing. Only after passing the electrostatic test can they pass through the tripod turnstile (flap barrier, swing gate). The system records both the card swiping and the anti-static shoe test resistance values.


3. Third Type (Mainly for Workshop Operators): After the card is verified and both hand and foot electrostatic tests are passed, the person can pass through the tripod turnstile (flap barrier, swing gate). The system records the card swiping, anti-static wristband, and anti-static shoe test resistance values.


Standard Operating Steps for Electrostatic Detection Turnstiles:


1. Prepare for Testing: The employee must stand on the foot pedals with both feet positioned in the middle of the footprints.


2. Testing Anti-Static Wristband (if applicable): Insert the wristband into the wristband testing slot on the tester. For testing electrostatic indicators of both feet, stand in the middle of the footprints and touch the test button with a finger.


3. Card Swiping: Bring the ID (IC) card close to the card reader, which will automatically read the information on the card.


4. Test Execution: Touch the test button with a finger and observe the LED display on the tester for test results, or check the LCD display on the card reader. The testing time can be adjusted between 0-5 seconds; if the test exceeds 5 seconds without passing, the card needs to be swiped again for retesting.


5. Result Verification: If the test result is OK as per the settings, the system will unlock the access unit, allowing the person to enter. If the test result is NO, check the wristband or shoes. The number of card swipes can be set according to specific requirements.


How to choose the ESD turnstile?


The ESD turnstile system consists of a comprehensive human body tester, pedals, display screen, and anti-static gates. However, there are many types of anti-static gates, such as tripod turnstiles, flap turnstile barriers, swing turnstile gates, speed turnstile gates, and sliding turnstile gates. Users often do not know the differences between them or how to choose the right one. Here, we introduce how to select the appropriate anti-static gate for an ESD turnstile system. If you are unsure, please contact us via the online chat in the bottom right corner or email us, and we will provide you with the best solution, products, and software system.


1. **Based on Installation Dimensions:** What are the dimensions, width, and depth of the anti-static gate system installed at the entrance of a cleanroom? If both sides are against walls, leave an 80mm gap, which means the total dimension minus 80mm.


- For a dual-channel example:

- Tripod turnstile dual-channel installation width: gap 80 + tripod turnstile box width 280 + channel width 550 + tripod turnstile box width 280 + channel width 550 = 1820mm.

- Flap turnstile barrier dual-channel installation width: gap 80 + flap barrier width 300 + channel width 600 + flap barrier width 300 + channel width 600 + flap barrier width 300 + gap 80 = 2260mm.

- Swing turnstile gate dual-channel installation width: gap 80 + swing turnstile gate width 200 + channel width 600 + swing turnstile gate width 200 + channel width 600 + swing turnstile gate width 200 + gap 80 = 1960mm.

- See the illustration below.

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2. **Based on Passage Speed:** If the cleanroom has a large number of employees who need to undergo electrostatic testing, consider the flow rate. Tripod turnstiles and flap turnstile barriers tend to be faster than swing turnstile gates, depending on the actual usage scenario.


3. **Based on Appearance:** Flap turnstile barriers and swing turnstile gates generally have a better appearance. This is subjective and should be chosen based on your needs.


4. **Based on Operating Noise:** After electrostatic testing, when personnel pass through the turnstile, ESD flap turnstile barriers and ESD swing turnstile gates are quieter, whereas ESD tripod turnstiles are relatively noisier.


5. **Based on Opening Method:** After electrostatic testing, ESD flap turnstile barriers and ESD swing turnstile gates open automatically, whereas ESD tripod turnstiles need to be pushed manually.


6. **Based on Voice Prompts:** Standard ESD tripod turnstiles do not have voice prompts (though a voice module can be customized). ESD flap turnstile barriers and ESD swing turnstile gates provide voice prompts after passing the electrostatic test, with swing turnstile gates having built-in voice functionality.


7. Based on Price: Flap turnstile barriers and swing turnstile gates are more expensive, whereas tripod turnstiles are relatively cheaper.


Differences Between ESD Tripod Turnstiles, ESD Swing turnstile Gates, ESD Flap turnstile Barriers, and ESD Speed turnstile Gates:


- ESD Tripod Turnstile: Lower price, requires only one unit per channel, needs manual pushing to open, produces some noise when rotating.


- **ESD Swing turnstile Gate:** Can be used singly or in pairs, provides a wider channel suitable for hand carts and other items, meets ESD requirements, and opens automatically without manual pushing.


- **ESD Flap turnstile Barrier:** Generally used for bidirectional passage, higher price, includes voice prompts, meets ESD requirements, and opens automatically.


- **ESD Speed turnstile Gate:** Also generally used for bidirectional passage, features a narrower base and better appearance, with a higher price.


If you are still unsure which type of ESD turnstile gate to choose, please contact us via the online chat in the bottom right corner or email us. We will provide you with the best solution, products, and software system.