Zento | Hot Selling speedlane turnstile for sale

Zento | Hot Selling speedlane turnstile for sale

As one of the advanced characteristics, speedlane turnstile has won warm praise from customers.

Compared with other Turnstile Gates, the Speed Lane Turnstile has the functions of anti-pinch and anti-collision. When the Speed Lane Turnstile encounters obstacles in the return process, the motor will automatically stop working, reset again after the default delay (2s), and the speed of Turnstile for open and close is 45-65s, the speed is faster than other Turnstile Gate, and one-way or two-way control can be selected at the same time, and Speed Lane Turnstile is compatible with access control systems, consumer systems, ESD systems, electronic ticket systems, etc

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Zento has developed to be a professional manufacturer and reliable supplier of high-quality products. Throughout the whole production process, we strictly implement the ISO quality management system control. Since established, we always adhere to independent innovation, scientific management, and continuous improvement, and provide high-quality services to meet and even exceed customers' requirements. We guarantee our new product speedlane turnstile will bring you a lot of benefits. We are always standby to receive your inquiry. speedlane turnstile We will do our best to serve customers throughout the whole process from product design, R&D, to delivery. Welcome to contact us for further information about our new product speedlane turnstile or our company.By using the advanced inspection equipment in the product, many quality issues of the product can be detected immediately, which has effectively improved the quality.

Features of Swing Speed Gate:

Gym Intelligent Speed Gate Turnstile With Rfid Swing Barrier

* Fast Speed Gate Intelligent turnstile gates With Access Control Rfid Swing Barrier For gym

* Speed lane turnstile gate support bi-directional opening

* Speed lane turnstile can integrate with access control system.

* Trigger to open by dry contact. Automatic close back after auto timer elapsed. Delay time can be programmed on swing barrier control panel.

* Trigger to open by dry contact (NC) and close by dry contact (NO). This allowed access control reader to control swing barrier opening and closing time.

* During power failure, swing barrier will automatically open up to allow free access. When power resume, swing barrier will automatically close back to resume security level.

* Built in clutch that will automatically disengage motor drive from gearbox when the gate is obstructed. Clutch release reduce impact force to minimum in the event that gate closed onto passing users. This also protect the motor and control panel from being damaged due to overload.

* Optional safety IR beam can be added to auto reverse the gate upon detecting obstacle in the passage way. This way the gate is reversed before even hitting user that is still in the passage way. More safety to the user.

* Turnstile gate length can be easily customized to fit site requirement.

* Auto synchronized opening when 2 swing barriers are installed for the same passage. Both side will open and close at the same time.

* Turnstile gate motor mechanism is self lock at open and close position.

Features and Benefits

* The running status can be programmed and controlled with the built-in keyboard on the main board.

* Mechanical anti-pinch function. If the gate meets resistance in the reset process, motors will stop working automatically within the prescribed time and reset again after the default delay (till fully reset).

* Anti-breakthrough function. The gate is locked automatically until opening signal received.

Synchronization functions (for dual gate equipments).

* Automatic reset function. Should the user fail to pass within the prescribed time (default time is 5 seconds), the system will cancel the authority of the current user automatically.

* Gate can be set as normally open or normally closed.

* Speed lane turnstile gate can be used with variety of card readers: IC / ID card readers, bar codes, fingerprints, etc. (Access controller needed)

* Direction can be set as single-direction or bi-direction.

*The device can be connected to management computer to realize remote control and management.

* LED direction indicator.

* Speed turnstile swing barrier gate auto opens when power off and auto close when power on, complying with fire safety requirements.

* Alarm function, in case of illegal intrusion and reverse intrusion, etc.

* Counter function (optional).

* Speed barrier turnstile gate support infrared photocell for anti-pinch and reset function.

Speed Lane Turnstile Gate

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Speed Lane Turnstile Gate Specification

Turnstile model item

Speed Lane Turnstile Gate

Arm Length(Optional)


Mechanism Dimension


Motor Material

Steel and Aluminum Alloy

Driving Motor

24V Brush DC Motor

Swing Direction

Single or Bidirectional Operation are Available

Input Interface

Dry Contact and Switch Signal Connection

Time for Opening or Closing

1 second

Starting time after power on


Transit Speed

30~40 persons/min

Working Environment

Indoor / Outdoor (Shelter)

Working Temperature


Relative Humidity

≤90%, no condensation

Speed Lane Turnstile Gate Application Areas:

* Office space: business buildings, government agencies (prisons, detention centers), etc.

* Science and education units: institutions of higher learning, research institutes, kindergartens, libraries, etc.
* Commercial service places: supermarkets, business buildings, hotels, banks, concert halls, convention centers, etc.
* Leisure and entertainment venues: stadiums, parks, scenic spots, playgrounds, leisure clubs, etc.

* Transportation site: bus station, railway station, high-speed rail station, subway station, ferry port, airport, etc.

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