Zento | Factory Price slim speed gate turnstile manufacturer

Zento | Factory Price slim speed gate turnstile manufacturer

Our slim speed gate turnstile is in great demand and we have on hand many enquiries from other countries.

Compared with other Turnstile Gates, the Speed Lane Turnstile has the functions of anti-pinch and anti-collision. When the Speed Lane Turnstile encounters obstacles in the return process, the motor will automatically stop working, reset again after the default delay (2s), and the speed of Turnstile for open and close is 45-65s, the speed is faster than other Turnstile Gate, and one-way or two-way control can be selected at the same time, and Speed Lane Turnstile is compatible with access control systems, consumer systems, ESD systems, electronic ticket systems, etc.

Products Details

Over the years, Zento has been offering customers high-quality products and efficient after-sales services with the aim of bringing unlimited benefits for them. slim speed gate turnstile Zento is a comprehensive manufacturer and supplier of high-quality products and one-stop service. We will, as always, actively provide prompt services such. For more details about our slim speed gate turnstile and other products, just let us know.It is widely accepted that the product has a prospective market application.

Speed Lane Turnstile 

Our aesthetically pleasing range of pedestrian Speed Lane Turnstiles are the ultimate solution for control of pedestrian access, offering a high level of security, speed in operation and anti-tailgating benefits of a physical, traditional turnstile but without the need for a manually operated turnstile arm

Each lane is designed to allow access to up to 60 people per minute in either direction and multiple lanes can be installed side by side by means of double sided intermediate pedestals to enhance throughput on particularly busy entrances.

Speed Lane Turnstile Function

1. Speed Lane Turnstiles' working method can be set by the buttons on the main panel

2. Speed Lane Turnstile has Anti-pinch, Anti-collision. If there is block during return of gate, motor stops working automatically. Reset again after a default delay, the force 2Kg. 

3. Anti-illegal in, anti-intrusion, auto close for reverse direction.

4. Anti-collision, gate closes when no valid signal is given.

5. Protection functions for gate, gate open to prevent motor from being damaged if there is outer force collision.

6. Turnstile Gates can be synchronous 

7.Auto-reset. If not go through in a preset time, pass right would be cancelled automatically. (1-60s adjustable), default time is 10s.

8. Anti-pinch function by photocells, 4 pairs

9. Reset function by photocells, 4 or 6 pairs.

10. Speed Lane Turnstile compatible with Access control system, consumption system, ESD system, E-ticket system   and so on.      

11. Turnstile Gate can be controlled and administered by remote control

12. Led lamp indicator





304 Stainless Steel



Arm length




Dry Contact


LED indicating light


Card-reading window:


Rated power


Operating  temperature

 -25℃ ~ +60℃, RH ≤90%

Related humidity


Communication Interface

RS485,distance ≤1200m

Power supply

AC 220V/110V ±10% 50/60MHZ (optional)

Opening Transit speed:

45-60 persons per minute

Closing Transit speed:

60-75 per minute

We provide CAD and 3D design sketches

Compatible with all kinds of access control system

01 Control motherboard

02 Fingerprint recognition

03 Infrared sensor

04 Manual button

05 PC remote control opening

06 Wireless remote control module

07 Iris recognition

08 Data docking

09 Face recognition

Product Details

High-end private mold movement   Aluminum plate oxidation  Servo motor direct drive  Servo motor  Comer planetary reducer  stainless steel connector  servo motor

Panel, swing arm, baffle can choose tempered glass, acrylic 

Power off emergency function Normally open when power off Meet the fire protection requirements

Application feedback 

Factory Production Process


Other Models


Extensible Functions

1. LED counter display

2. Casing and gate size can be lengthened

3.Logic judgment by photocells (8 pair or 10 pairs)

4. Speech reminder 

5.Normal close or normal open adjustable

6. Light, sound alarm

Verified With CE and ISO9001 Certification

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