Hydraulic Bollard
Retractable Auomatic Rising LED Display Hydraulic Road Bollard

It use soil pressure as dynamic to realize the rise/fall of bollard.

As a moving device, it is usually installed at vehicle entrance/exit. 

It rises to block the vehicle and falls the ground level to authorize free passing.

Technical Parameters



Raising/lowering speed




Raised height



304 stainless steel

Control mode

Remote control(<50m)

System control

Hydraulic and electric control

Working temperature


Embedded cylinder depth


Lamp belt

LED lamp(Acrylic light circle)

Power supply






Anti-collision levels


Service life

3 million times

Drainage mode

Natural drainage+External drainage system





1.Anti-collision:It can be used normally after being hit by a 12-ton vehicle.
2. Anti-destructive power:After being hit by a 16-ton vehicle, Hydraulic road bollards deformation.

3. internal structure:With load-bearing steel beam and column, anti-collision steel beam column, 4 navigation rods 

4. Can be manually lowered in the event of a power outage 

5. Linkage interface 

6. Reversible operation according to requirements during ascent and descent 

7. Noise during operation of the device≤60 dB 

8. Waterproof integrated hydraulic drive 

9. Control solenoid valve 24V 10. Control box display text adjustable (up, down, start, time control adjustment) 

11. Display text in English 

12. Water immersion performance:no leakage during 48 hours and normal lifting 

13. Anti-corrosion performance level: 9


1. Automatically raise/lower/stop.The automated bollards adopt a heavy duty hydraulic power pack and operate by integrated control.Easy to install and operate. Built-in led flashing lights and reflective tap in the bollard head to ensure visibility and safety.

2. Variable frequency controller. Adopt variable frequency controller,the raise/lower speed 3-6s is adjustable.It can stop emergently during raising/lowering process. The control signal is electric transmission, quick and reliable.

3. Firm foundation plate.Thicken seamless 304 stainless steel with strong bearing capacity more than 40 tons. Rust protection and distortion resistance.

4. Built-in valve.In case of emergent issue for example power failure, the obstacle can be lowered by relief valve manually to make sure the passage of pedestrians and vehicles in not affected.

5. Adopt high quality great power motor, the bollards can raise/lower speedy,work stable and durable with 1500 cycles working frequency per day.The motor can be disassembled for easy maintenance.

6. Multiple security protection.Use high pressure air rifle to seal up the vent,the motor can work when soaked in water with electricity leakage protector.


Installation steps:

1. Cut the ground surface and excavate,the foundation base need around 800mm and 1130mm.

2. Fill the bottom with 20-30mm pebble and sand as water seepage stratum.

3. Embed the bollard,make sure the head of the bottom is at the same level with the horizontal ground.

4. Install the wiring tube and drainage pipe.Make sure each wire should be secured by waterproof tape to avoid water vapor permeated into the wire.

5. Power on to test. Make sure the bollards can work well.Then cover the head of the bollard to avoid the concrete dirty it.All the drainage pipe hole need to be covered by structural adhesive.

6. Pour the concrete into the foundation base.Be careful to avoid the movement of bollard.

7. Tidy up the bollard head and ground surface, complete installation

Drainage method:

1. Use artificial drainage or electric pumping mode, need to dig a small pool near the column, regular manual and electric drainage. 

2. Use the natural drainage mode to connect directly to the sewer.

A. At the installation junction (two), dig out two square grooves

square grooves: (user-defined)mm (L)* 1000mm(W)* 1330mm(H) 

B. Fill the bottom of the groove with 200mm-high concrete, the precision requirement of the horizontal plane is high(Lifting column rack can be subjected to force), and at the middle of the side of the trough, leave a PVC# for drainage.


Scientific and educational units: schools, computer rooms, research centers, libraries, etc.;

Leisure and entertainment venues: parks, scenic spots, pedestrian streets, municipal squares, playgrounds, etc..

Traffic: bus station, railway station, subway station, airport, etc..

Business service places: hospitals, banks, hotels, clubs, commercial buildings, etc..

Office space: large office buildings, public inspection units, hydro power and oil and gas units and other government agencies.

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