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Why Controlled Access Has Four Sizes Of Full Height Security Turnstiles?


As a business, it is important to have secure entrances and exits to keep your customers and employees safe. Zento's turnstile equipment has four different sizes of turnstiles to meet your specific needs - small, medium, large, and extra large. With Controlled Access's turnstiles, you can ensure that your customers have the proper level of security while they are entering or leaving your establishment.

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Can I use my own access control system?

As the owner of a business, one of your most important considerations is security. You need to make sure that your guests are allowed into the property according to your rules, and you also need to make sure that they can't access areas that they're not supposed to. But how do you go about implementing these restrictions?

Can customize my turnstile?

One of the great things about using a turnstile is that you can customize it to fit your needs. You can choose the size, type of door, and even the colors. If you want to use your own access control system, there are a few things you need to know.

You first need to decide which type of security you want to use. There are three options: card, token, and key.

Card systems use cards with information such as user ID and password. The card reader extracts the information and sends it to the computer system. This system then allows or denies entry based on the user ID and password combination.

Token systems use tokens that have either a user ID or a private code. When the user enters their private code, the turnstile reads it and sends it to the computer system. The computer then compares it against a list of authorized users. If the user is authorized, they are allowed through. If not, they are sent back to the entrance area and must enter their name and ID again.

Key systems work similarly to token systems, but instead of a private code, the key has a unique number that identifies it.

What's The BIG Idea About Full Height Turnstiles

Controlled access has four sizes of full height security turnstiles to ensure that only authorized individuals are able to enter the facility. This is a critical feature for any facility, as it helps to protect against unauthorized intrusion.

Why is turnstile equipment required?

Controlled access turnstiles are a key component in ensuring the safety and security of employees and visitors at any business. Turnstiles come in four different sizes to accommodate different needs: small, medium, large, and extra-large.

Small turnstiles are typically used at entrances where only a few people will be entering or leaving at a time. They're easy to use and can be quickly closed, preventing unauthorized entry.

Medium turnstiles are ideal for areas with more traffic. They can handle a lot of people at once and are wider so they don't obstruct passage as much.

Large turnstiles are perfect for high-traffic areas like malls or airports. They can handle a lot of people and are taller so they don't block views as much.

Extra-large turnstiles are used for entrances that require maximum security. These turnstiles are often very tall and have bars on both sides to prevent entry from either side.

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