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What Should You Need To Learn Before Selecting A Turnstile Supplier?


An access control, aka turnstile equipment, is vital to the overall security of your property or business. Choosing the right turnstile doesn't only depend upon selecting the best turnstile supplier only. In fact, there are multiple elements you need to know to make the best decision in this regard.

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Important things to learn before selecting a turnstile supplier

Although choosing the right turnstile supplier is important to get the best turnstile equipment. However, learning other aspects of turnstile is vital before finding a turnstile supplier. Let's explore what you need to learn here for better understanding. 

So, here we go:

Types of turnstile equipment available

The turnstile access system doesn't have any uniform system. Therefore, you will see turnstiles available with different types of access systems. To get an adequate turnstile system, firstly, you need to assess the type of turnstile you need for your premises.

Some of the most common types of turnstile access systems include:

The optical Flap Barrier Turnstile system 

Waist-high turnstile system 

Tripod or Drop Arm turnstile system 

Swing barrier turnstile system 

Sliding barrier turnstile system 

Speed lane Turnstile Barrier System

Each turnstile access system comes up with its own pros and cons. It is always better to have an overview of each type of turnstile system. Consequently, it will become easier for you to make a more informed choice.

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Number of lanes you need

This is one of the important questions you must answer while getting turnstile equipment for your premises. For this, you must assess your needs regarding a turnstile access system.

To answer this, you first need to understand the number of entrances you must cover. Secondly, know the number of users you want the system to accommodate.

At least, you should add two lanes at min for one entrance compatible with AODA. 

What would a turnstile access system cost you?

Many factors can impact the cost of your turnstile equipment. The cost of a turnstile access system varies based on:

Type of turnstile access system

Shape and special finishes you have chosen for your turnstile access system. 

Customization options you want for your turnstile access system 

Once you have identified your needs regarding all these aspects, you can ensure to choose the right supplier and best turnstile access system with ease. So, it is always better to understand your needs regarding a security access system instead of investing in anything blindly. 

Maintenance that may require for your turnstile in future

Periodic maintenance is necessary after purchasing and installing turnstile equipment. Always remember that maintenance of turnstile equipment is a complex task that more often requires professional assistance. So, you should ask about your turnstile equipment's maintenance to your chosen turnstile supplier. 

Any reputed company specializing in turnstile equipment manufacturing and supply also offers expert maintenance services. This will help you to carry out the regular maintenance of your turnstile equipment professionally. 

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Final thoughts

With hovering security threats over businesses at present, you shouldn't fail to invest in the right turnstile system for your property. Ensure to consider all these factors and choose the right turnstile supplier accordingly. Zento-tech offers a series of well-made and highly efficient turnstile systems you can consider in this regard.

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