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How To Choose The Best Turnstile Manufacturers?


Turnstiles are one of the best solutions to control people at any facility. Choosing the right and reliable turnstile equipment depends upon the turnstile manufacturers you select. Whether you are a business owner, security architect, or system integrator, turnstile equipment is always an important part of your project.

 how to choose the best turnstile manufacturers?

So, you must choose the best turnstile manufacturer to get turnstiles you can rely on.

Tips for choosing the best turnstile manufacturers

Do you want to know some of the most important things to consider while selecting a turnstile supplier or manufacturer? Here we have enlisted some of the most important aspects to consider.

So, here we go:

The lead time of turnstile manufacturers

Generally, turnstile equipment contains a long production cycle. You must ensure the delivery cycle of a turnstile supplier, especially if your project requires a strict schedule. You should also pay attention to the difference in the production cycle between standard and custom products.

Profile of turnstile supplier

The profile of the turnstile supplier must include enterprise nature (supplier or manufacturer). It should also include:

Factory size

Enterprise seniority

Supply chain management

R&D team strength

Development direction

Technical staff abilities, etc.

You must select a powerful and long-developed turnstile supplier and manufacturer. This usually turns out to be less risky than otherwise.

Customization options availability

Turnstile equipment may need customization according to the requirements of the project. Different projects may require different types of turnstiles’ installation. Therefore, the customization content requirement isn't the same in every case.

From developing a new product to identification, these can test turnstile manufacturers' customization abilities. Most importantly, customization requirements for a large-scale turnstile project are pretty complex. Not every manufacturer is capable of reaching that level. So, you must understand your project's customization needs and choose a turnstile manufacturer accordingly.

turnstile equipment

Fail-safe functionality

Fail-safe operation is a crucial aspect of every turnstile equipment. This feature allows gate unlocking functionality in case electricity is down or in any other emergency. So, when choosing a turnstile manufacturer, be mindful of their technical specifications.


Fail-safe functionality must be a part of their core feature list to allow the free flow of people during an emergency.


Price of turnstile equipment

Every security project has a specific budget; turnstile equipment is no exception. So, you usually have to buy your security equipment accordingly. Before getting into any purchase, you must estimate your budget for turnstile equipment that you can pay. Then choose the right and reliable turnstile manufacturer accordingly.

Industry standards and warranty

Choosing turnstile manufacturers that meet industry standards, minimum safety standards, and industry regulations is always better. Always check IP Standards and ISO quality standards for electronic parts and enclosures.

Most of the Zento-tech turnstile equipment complies with international quality standards. Most importantly, these also contain turnstile manufacturers' warranty. 

Always ensure whenever choosing a turnstile supplier, ask them about available warranties and these certifications. 

Final thoughts 

Choosing the reliable and best turnstile manufacturers is highly important to ensure high-end security. Besides all the factors mentioned above, you must not forget ADA access. This is important to address the needs of people who require special accommodation.

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