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Zento The Top Quality Turnstile Equipment Manufacturers For Best Security


In the area of automation and security, Zento is a rising company. The company's main business is providing automation and security for homes, offices, buildings, commercial spaces, industries, and site offices. We are the best turnstile manufacturers on this planet.

Our staff, which is made up of seasoned, certified experts, provides the best services across many platforms. Our turnstiles are up to industry standards, as evidenced by their high quality, resilience, and customer service. We can construct you a product that meets your needs and demands, whether you're searching for a glass turnstile, optical turnstile, drop arm turnstile, full-height turnstile, waist-high turnstile, or have a bespoke project in mind.

All turnstiles are equipped with the rotalok mechanism, which is intended for hard use, and come with a 2-year warranty. Sports arenas, theme parks, offices, and military installations all employ our goods. Industry trusts our turnstiles because they have withstood the time test and because it knows us very well.

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Tripod Turnstiles are dependable and productive. It is commonly used to allow on the relevant people in a building, office, or any workplace.


With safety in mind, Flap Barriers is an automated security gate. Ideal for stations, business entrances, airports, etc. 


Swing Gate Barrier for single or multiple-way access and discrete size. There are many gate designs for wide and narrow pathways.


Turnstiles that are full height and made entirely of stainless steel. designed for usage in big outdoor spaces or during high-traffic public events.

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Let's look at Some Components of Turnstile Equipment

RFID Card:

Scanners for all RFID card types, including Mifare, EM, and HID cards.

Face Recognition:

face recognition technologies that are modern and effective.

Fingerprint Device:

Options for fingerprint access control that are common and safe.

QR, Barcode scanner:

Integrate a barcode scanner with a small PC or access controller.

Coin Collector:

Options for coin collectors in restrooms or bus terminals.

What We are Providing to Our Customers:

Proper Project Planning:

We have a full-time CAD engineering staff, so we can provide you with a thorough plan and drawings.

Variety of Customization Options:

Because we handle all production ourselves, we can provide a complete solution with company logos on the flaps and silk screening on items.

Full Support from Our Team:

Uncertain of contacts? even work with your particular brand of access control system? Our engineers are available to help.

Providing the Top quality Product at Home

Stainless Steel:

We only selected stainless steel that was certified and supplied by qualified companies, and we thoroughly IQC-verified it before production.

Brushes Motors:

We bring in servo motors of German caliber to ensure their prolonged operating lives.

Control Unit:

All models in the range of our controller unit remain the same. As a result, we continue to be fully compliant with and connected to your access control system.

Machine Planning:

Devices feature smooth bends and curves and are of a high level and quality. As a result, we employ an industrial-strength planning machine in our manufacturing process.

zento turnstile equipment

Let's Look at Our Features Products:

High-end Fashion Flap Barrier Gate With RFID Card For Sale Factory--Zento

RFID Card Reader Pedestrian Swing Turnstile Barrier Gate Access Control System DC24V Brush Motor--Zento

Automatic Smarter Security Access Control Systems Optical Speed Gate Turnstile Manufacturers--Zento

Subway Station Flap Barrier Gate/Driveway Automatic Flap Turnstile Barrier Gate Manufacturer -- Zento

Bridge Type ESD Turnstile Octagonal Three Roll Vertical Tripod Turnstile Manufacturer--Shenzhen Zento

Automatic Security Swing Barrier Turnstile Gate Manufacturers--Zento

Automatic Electronic Access Control Optical Speed Lane Turnstile Barrier Gates Manufacturers--Zento

High-Security Automatic Optical Tripod Barrier Gate Turnstile Integrated with Scenic System Manufacturers-- Zento

Profession Retractable Security Flap Barrier Turnstile DC24V 20W For Wide Lane Solution Company--Zento

Smarter Automatic Electronic Access Control Swing Turnstile Gate for Sale--Zento

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