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Best Turnstile Equipment For Security Of Workplace


If you face a severe people and traffic influx at your workplace, you need good turnstile equipment to manage all the mess. Zento turnstiles have been serving our customers for more than eight years. Our research team always brings something suitable for your office and other needs. The Zento Turnstile equipment comes up with a high-quality access control system. It has excellent reliability and a durable design for high-level security and protection.

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What are the Advantages of Having a Good Turnstile?

It is used at different offices to enter and exit employees through a card or key to prevent any outsider entry.

Since it only allows a single person at a time, it will make sure that people form a queue

The horizontal arms are moveable and connected to the Vertical Base

Now Let's Look at Some Key Designs of Zento Turnstile Equipment

1. Full Height Turnstile

Highly dependable mechanical kit with a warranty and a Mexican bi-directional locking mechanism.

Come up with a PLC-based control panel, and biometric device integration

Complete entrance and exit security

Powder-coating and SS finishes are both options.

Manual release keys for the fail-secure feature

full height turnstile

2. Waist Height Turnstile:

Highly dependable mechanical kit with a warranty, a Mexican bi-directional locking mechanism,

Fail-secure function with manual release keys; • Fail-secure function with manual release keys; 

Medium-secured entrance and exit

Time-attendance option to count employees and mark attendance

3. Flap Turnstile:

Elegant body made of metal sheet, colorful top panel

High-performance, low power consumption, and DC Brushless Motors

Rapid flap opening and rapid passage

Software that can be modified

Face recognition technology, biometric devices, and RFID controls

flap turnstiles

4. Swing Turnstile:

Performance-oriented swing barrier

Design of modular structures

Rapid opening and minimal noise

Stainless steel SUS304

Strong electronics and fully functional turnstile controller

Why Choose Zento Turnstile:

Biometric and Face Recognition System:

 Our turnstile hasan auto face recognition system for biometric verification of any person. You can also set up a card or key for this purpose.

Modifiable Advance Software Technology:

The software used in Zento Turnstile is made with top-notch technology that can be customized according to your need. 

Both Auto and Manual Control Options:

If somehow the auto identification option stops working, there is a manual control that you can use during an emergency.

100% Stainless Steel and Resin Material:

Zento turnstile comes up with stainless steel material with extra epoxy resin coating making it reliable and stronger

Some Key Features of Zento Turnstile Equipment:

Distant lighting signals

Using a wireless remote

Emergency opening mechanisms

Sirens and intruder detectors

Standard variants with built-in control boards or remote controls are available for indoor and outdoor applications.

Models with panic-resisting arms

High rate of throughput

Regulation of passage in both directions

LED status and directional indicators

12–36V is the safe supply voltage.

For emergencies, an essential override control

Smooth and without inertia rotation mechanism

zento flap turnstiles

Worried About Where to Install Our Turnstile Device?

At the entrances of manufacturing facilities, administrative buildings, corporate offices, schools, university campuses, stadiums, leisure and fitness facilities, amusement parks and zoos, and retail establishments, turnstiles, gates, and railing systems offer efficient ways to manage pedestrian movement.

Be Careful to Follow Below Guidelines

1. Make sure the turnstiles are installed in a straight line, perpendicular to the people.

2. Locate the turnstiles in strategic areas, such as at entrances or exits, to maximize the security and performance of the system.

3. Place the turnstiles in a position that will prevent people from reaching or passing through them.

4. Install the turnstile equipment in a stable and secure environment.

5. Keep the turnstile equipment clean and free of debris.

6. Make sure the turnstile equipment is operated safely and controlled.

7. Check the turnstile equipment regularly to ensure its functionality and safety.

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We are a creative business specializing in license plate recognition parking system research and development, mass production, and international sales. We never compromise on our product’s quality and put on some unique and advanced equipment for our customers. So, visit the link below to buy the turnstile equipment and comfort.

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