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Millions of vehicles move from one location to another worldwide, finally arriving in a parking lot. Parking management has become essential in our urban society, where high vehicle density and parking space shortages require effective management. Smart Cities deploy smartphone apps to direct you to open spaces. City planners see parking management as customer care to keep residents happy and visitors feeling welcome.

The Zento RFID parking system is a monitoring and control system for usage in gated communities, company parking garages, university parking lots, and hospitality or retail establishments.

rfid parking system

Some Basic Components of Zento RFID Parking System:

1. Zento RFID Parking Control Software:

Software for large parking lots is available for Windows OS.

Free parking software

RFID parking SOFTWARE User Manual.

program for parking videos.

A connection case. Another connectivity option is WiFi.

Parking user handbook/installation manual.

2. Zento RFID Readers:

An RFID reader with integrated memory can be used to store an endless number of RFID cards or tags.

A consumer determined the number of cards. Upon the buyer’s request, a card can include a logo and other details.

3. Zento Parking RFID Tags:

Zento Parking RFID Tags are easily attachable to a car or truck.

Tag design allows for unique tracking of each vehicle in an area.

The tag has an embedded battery and is shock-proof.

A Zento Parking RFID reader can read tagger.

A tag can be used for parking control.

Tag has a lifespan of 3 years and can be reused.

You will Surprise at the Working Mechanism of the Zento RFID System:


Zento RFID tags are given that identify the vehicle.


At the points of entry and departure within the parking complex, Zento RFID Readers are placed. The RFIDtags on each car "read" the signals being broadcast as a vehicle approaches using Readers.


Data is transmitted by the Zento RFIDVehicle Tag and loaded into the Zento Parking Control Software. The software instructs the vehicle's system to allow access, keeps track of their movements, and can even activate security cameras at the entry and departure points or record and bill parking fees to the client. All of this is accessible through a simple interface.

benefits of using zento rfid parking system

Benefits of Using Zento RFID Parking System:

Users may employ cashless transactions, and the money is immediately taken out of their accounts without involvement.

The Consumer has access to all of his past journeys.

The system determines the time and fare he will be required to pay; the time and fare are adjusted by checking the amount of time that has passed.

The administrator has all the user and vehicle information.

Everything is simple to track and monitor.

The approach is efficient if the user's wallet does not have enough money to cover the transaction.

What You Will Get from Zento RFID Parking System:

Quick and Contactless Access:

An RFID parking system offers contactless access to the parking lot, eliminating the need for card or ticket machines, PIN pad scanners, or human parking attendants.

The RFID scanner often needs a few seconds to scan the credentials on a tag, reducing congestion at the entry and departure points.


If you want to bring another vehicle, RFID cards, key fobs, or hang tags are simply transferrable. The user will pay less because there won't be a need for several tags for a single individual.

Monitoring and Preserving Records:

The RFID technology can assist in maintaining client data and associated use with the unique code provided to each individual. Then, car park managers can keep an eye out for suspicious activity, ban abusive users, and keep track of any infractions.

monitoring and preserving records

Security and Precision:

The likelihood of misreading the code is relatively minimal because RFID scanners are recognized for their excellent accuracy and sensitivity. It provides a high level of security by reducing the likelihood of letting a person in with forged credentials. 

Some Security Concerns:

There is a chance for unauthorized access to the system, but this usually occurs when individuals are unaware of the security measures.

The Zento RFID Parking Control Software can be customized to meet the specific needs of your business. The user manual and installation instructions are always available to help you get started.

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