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Zento LPR Parking System for Ticketless and Advance Parking Mechanism


Parking businesses are always looking for ways to provide better service by reducing expenses, pollution, and customer complaints. The lpr parking system has proven accuracy, intelligent, touchless, simpler, and quicker parking is made possible by Zento LPR cameras.

License Plate Recognition, abbreviated as LPR, often takes photographic images or videos of the plate, which are then processed by specific algorithms to create the alphanumeric text entry of the plate for record-keeping reasons. Zento License Plate Recognition LPR is a cutting-edge technology that uses algorithms and optical character recognition (OCR) as a vital part of its integration with the LPR camera to most accurately translate scanned images into readable alphanumeric text. To optimize the recognition capacity of our algorithm, Zento trains it to adapt all varieties of license plates.

lpr parking system

Let's Have a Close Look at How LPR (License Plate Recognition) Works:

1. All data of pre-registered vehicles are added to the Zento LPR Camera system

2. The Zento LPR Camera will scan the license plate number of the automobile as it approaches a barrier or boom gate.

3. Zento Smart LPR scans the number and compares it to the one stored in the system.

4. When the license plate matches the record, the gate or barrier opens.

Components of Zento LPR Parking System:

A. High-Resolution Camera to Capture Image of License Plate:

LPR must deal with changing vehicle speeds. To accommodate the pace of high-speed vehicles, cameras with quick shutter speeds of at least 1/1000 sec are required for LPR.

To reduce the glare from headlights and the reflection of light from vehicles, eclipse cameras must be used. The eclipse camera bends light in the car's direction to get a clear image.

Since it senses in the infrared spectrum, the night vision camera can be used in total darkness, even 0 LUX, without any light.

components of zento lpr parking system

B. A Computer Connected with Camera to Obtain Result:

Gives accurate and fast results on the screen.

Stores the record of different license plate numbers.

C. A Barrier to Stop Vehicles:

The barrier is usually made of strong metal rods to stop upcoming vehicles.

Opens when the Vehicle is recognized.

Made up of stainless steel.

D. Infrared Detector for Night Detection:

Capture images at night during complete darkness

Advance recognition technology allows getting high-quality night vision.

E. Lighting Equipment:

A bright LED light consumes less electricity to ensure proper brightness.

Reach maximum distance 

Some Features of the Best License Plate Recognition System:

95% or more accurate on average

Quick processing speed

Tolerance for blur and distortion

Encourage the use of fast cars

Support various forms for license plates

Accepts license plates from various geographical areas

Can be incorporated with integrated I/O and access control modules

Can be incorporated into standard CCTV systems

Can be linked with apps from other parties

ZentoLPR will Ease Out Your Customers:

No waiting at the barrier: No queues

The precise location of the cars in the parking

Immediate warnings in the event of theft

Electronic, hassle-free, and immediate payment: no waiting to pay

No issues with lost tickets

Less reading mistakes are ensured by high accuracy LPRcameras, which leads to improved customer service.

What Parking Owners Get from ZentoLPR Parking System:

All fines and related fees have been eliminated. 

All tickets and their associated expenses are gone 

Car share fraud and its associated costs are gone

Lower pollution levels, increased income thanks to higher occupancy rates, fewer infrastructure upgrades needed for the parking lot thanks to serving

More occupancy rates result in higher income. Lower pollution levels result in fewer infrastructure upgrades needed for parking. 

Guaranteed high reading rates enable better planning and ROI.

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