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Six Reasons Why You Need an Advanced Zento LPR Parking System for Your Office Security


The LPR parking system monitors and manages parking lots using automatic license plate recognition (LPR), directly reducing urban traffic congestion while enhancing the parking environment and improving parking management. A photograph may be taken anytime or at night thanks to infrared cameras recognizing license plates of carpentry and exit at the parking lot. It also employs infrared sensors to detect changing light levels.

LPR parking system

1. Automatic Parking Access and Management is Possible by License Plate Recognition (LPR)

LPR technology applies to both gated and open parking structures. For the secured parking facility, a fixed license plate recognition system (either wall-mounted or in an enclosed cabinet) is put at each entry and exit lane to regulate entrance to and exits from the parking lot. Vehicles' license plates are recognized, scanned, and approved for admission as they approach the gate.

When the fixed in-lane captures and saves the following data: vehicle entrance time and rate, vehicle make, model, and color, in some situations, as well as the license plate number and picture, the gates automatically open. The parking transaction starts when the car pulls into the parking space.

2. License Plate Recognition (LPR) Improves Your Security Program in Two Ways

LPR allows the installation of security alerts and extensive list-based access control. The genius of license plate association is cross-referencing rules like access lists, blocklists, or notification lists by the license plate recognition system. 

Access lists may include contractors, employees with reserved parking, VIP visitors, and permit holders. Visitors prohibited from entering the lot, such as non-permit holders or those who have been asked to leave a property, may be included on blocklists. Vehicles trying to sneak through a gate parking system or those continually entering and leaving the lot in a brief period can be added to notification lists.

3. LPR Provides Greater Accuracy

LPR devices can be used in non-gated parking lots with license plate-based cloud platforms or at the entrance of the parking lot. These devices can be used with pay-by-license-plate parking meters, mobile payment applications, or mobile scan-to-pay online platforms.

LPR-based enforcement systems must use license plates to confirm the legitimate parking period since non-gated parking facilities operate on an honor system. The necessity for patrol personnel to manually compare every license plate against a database of allowed parkers or take pictures of violations is replaced by LPR devices installed on enforcement vehicles.

intelligent LPR management system

4. License plate recognition Activates Hands-Free Permits, Reservations, and validations

Your property has to be equipped with advanced parking technology that will suit the demands of the increasing number of clients who want flexible and digital permit alternatives. Fortunately, parking permit and reservation qualifications may be read and processed by matching license plates to an active database using license plate recognition technology and permit software.

The access credential, which replaces paper or digital permits, is a vehicle's license plate. When a license plate is authorized by the fixed in-lane LPR camera, gates in gated parking lots instantly open. Enforcement officials use portable or in-vehicle LPR-based enforcement devices to validate permits or reservations in non-gated parking lots instantly.

5. Access without a ticket for all guests

When the fixed in-lane LPR camera captures and saves the following data, the gates in gated parking lots immediately available license plate number and picture, vehicle entrance time, and rate. When the car pulls in, the parking transaction starts.

The LPR Parking system scans its database for the license plate, entrance time, validation, or reservation type to determine the amount owed, whether customers pay on-site using a mobile app or pay station, or online or through the mobile app. ALPR cameras at the exit read the license plate, check the payment, and open the gates. The LPR-based enforcement tool checks the license plate and payment in ungated parking lots. You can contact the turnstile supplier for this security equipment.

6. Find My Car Assistance

By inserting a vehicle's license plate into a parking pay station, locating my car station, or using a mobile app, visitors to your huge parking facilities may use license plate recognition using sensor technology to assist them in remembering where they parked. Our ability to detect where a car is parked is made possible by sensor technology connected to parking spaces like Park Assist, which captures the license plate of parked automobiles.

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