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How to choose a suitable access turnstile gate for different scenarios?

How to choose a suitable access turnstile gate for different scenarios?

The turnstile gate is a channel management device, which can be used in different special occasions with other systems to play a greater role. With the rapid development of science and technology, the application of intelligent pedestrian access turnstile gates is becoming more and more extensive. At present, the management of people flow in villas, high-end communities, scenic spots, stations, code gates, office buildings, etc., as well as identification and automatic charging management in various clubs, hotels, entertainment venues, etc., are gradually replacing traditional manual gates with automatic turnstile gates. For ticket inspection or access, the market demand for turnstile gates has grown rapidly, the industry has developed rapidly, and its role in the national economy has become increasingly prominent. The following will introduce the most suitable type of access turnstile equipment for different scenarios.

1: Commercial office building

Commercial office buildings have a large flow of people, high density, and people who are responsible for their identities frequently come in and out. Simply using manual management is obviously a big project and prone to errors. If you use access control turnstile gates for management, you can use face recognition to enter and exit. This not only facilitates the white-collar experience of working in the building, but also provides more security for the companies that come to the building. Zento turnstile manufacturer provides such a solution system for commercial office buildings. Based on access turnstile gates, it integrates an integrated management system with functions such as access control, attendance, visitors, strangers, and temperature measurement. The comprehensive management of big data, realizes intelligent and efficient access control management.


Taking into account the complex traffic needs of people entering and leaving commercial office buildings, Zento manufacturer’s Pedestrian Turnstile Gate Equipment Solution is equipped with IC card recognition, QR code recognition, fingerprint recognition, face recognition and other advanced recognition methods, office buildings can be based on their own needs. to do the settings. As for the type of access gates: office building gates can usually be selected from swing turnstile gates, Flap barrier gates, and sliding turnstile gates in commercial gates.


Swing turnstile gate features:


The characteristics of the swing turnstile gate are that the appearance of the whole machine is very malleable, the shape is diverse, and the width of the channel is relatively large.


Flap barrier gate features:


The advantage of the flap barrier gate is that it is fast enough, and the shape and appearance are also simple.


Features of sliding gate:


Compared with swing turnstile gates and flap barrier gates, this one has higher safety performance. The height of the swing arm can effectively prevent people from reading and entering without permission, and the speed is fast enough, such as financial products, which have higher security requirements are suitable.

2: Smart Community

The access turnstile gates of the community are generally installed outdoors in the open air, and are often exposed to wind, sun and rain, so the ability to waterproof and dustproof still needs to be strong. On the one hand, the solution of smart community turnstile gates of Zento Traffic takes into account the application of various entrances and exits of the community, and also considers the use of bicycles, wheelchairs, strollers, etc.


Zento Traffic's smart residential turnstile gate solution takes into account the application of the main gate and side gate, and considers the use of bicycles, wheelchairs, and strollers carried by pedestrians. Zento provides tripod (three-roller) gates, intelligent unattended AI gate guards, and swing turnstile gates. Various options, Zento turnstile equipment also integrates access control systems, visitor systems, etc., to manage residents and visitors differently, to help the property establish a standardized and technologically advanced management system, and to enhance residents' sense of security and happiness in the community.


Three tripod turnstile gate features:


The shape of tripod turnstile is minimalist, only 1 person can pass through at a time, and cannot follow to enter. The safety is high. Of course,tripod turnstile is also suitable in terms of cost. Tripod turnstile has strong waterproof and dustproof capabilities. Generally, the space is relatively small or irregular.

3: Smart Factory & School

The flow of people in the factory and school is the largest in these scenarios, and the characteristics of factory workers ad school students are that they are relatively mobile, and there are more people riding bicycles and motorcycles to work, which is easy to collide and damage the access gates. Of course, for smart factories and Schools, it is also very important to divide the entry and exit permissions of inaccessible areas, and unrelated personnel are prohibited from entering and leaving specific occasions.


In response to the above situation, Zento turnstile manufacturer has proposed a comprehensive smart factory and school turnstile gate solution, including factory and school turnstile gate access, workshop access, and office area access, to help enterprises build a civilized and safe industrial factory area.


Factory and school turnstile gates are generally in the open air and must meet the requirements of outdoor waterproofing and dustproofing. The swing turnstile gates in Zento turnstile channel gates can effectively prevent violent collisions and sharing of people and vehicles, and are suitable for various outdoor harsh environments. The impact force it can withstand is several times that of the ordinary swing gate movement.


The swing gate is usually installed outdoors to separate the factory area from the outside. According to its special use environment, the stainless steel arm swing turnstile gate has the following characteristics: waterproof, dustproof, moistureproof, high temperature resistance, cold resistance, the whole machine is very strong, It is very resistant to damage and corrosion.


At the same time, the access turnstile gate can also be seamlessly connected with the visitor access control system to effectively manage the permissions of external visitors.

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