Flap Turnstile Barrier
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The ZT-941C flap barrier is designed for use in applications with high volume pedestrian fraffic that reguire rapid access. 

The barrier is controlled by a ple which is compathle with all fvnes of access svstems and the mechanism is enclosed in a high quality 304 stainless steel cabinet. 

Safety is a priority and personnel movement is monitored by multiple safety photo cells concealed within the cabinet and the closing force on the flap is monitored electronically preventing injury to pedestrians. 

The illuminated pictoaram symbols clearly indicate if an access card has been accepted and also show if the lane is clear to proceed. 

The flap barriers can be configured for single or multiple lane entry and other options include , different colour flaps, counters, Ethernet connection.

Audible Alarms

The operating system is capable of giving audible alarms to detect seven types of unauthorised access:

Unauthorised Intrusion: lf a the person tries Overtime: if an authorised person activates to enter without a valid access card.

Tailgate: lf a second unauthorised person through follows someone who has authorisation

Incorrect direction: Person enters from the opposite direction in which the barrier has been activated.

Time out: If an authorised person activates the barrier but does not enter

Overtime: If an authorised person activates the barrier enters but does not move

Emergency: lf the emergency input is activated

Error: lf the photo cells are permanently blocked or if there is a fault.

What is flap barrier?

The flap barrier is also called a blocking gate, flap barrier gate, flap barrier turnstile, which is one of the access control management turnstile equipment and is mainly used for pedestrian access control management; It is a kind of access control turnstile device for pedestrians management. It is generally used in combination with biometric device access control. including swipe card access control, fingerprint access control, face recognition access control, etc., which is convenient and fast. You can contact us, we will shows the production process and internal details of the flap barrier from Zento.

Where to buy flap barrier turnstile?

If you want to buy a flap barrier, flap barrier gate, flap barrier turnstile, please choose the appropriate style from our flap barrier gate page, If you don’t know which one you should buy, you can contact us, you can add our what’s app or call us directly, or directly click the online chat button on the lower-left corner. We are always pleased to solve your problems. Our sales experts will provide you with the perfect flap barrier security solution. Flap barrier manufacturers – Zento offer the best flap barrier price.

Our flap barrier gate styles include the most popular and fashionable appearance. Of course, if these styles still can not meet your needs, we can also customize the flap barrier gate according to your special needs. Many of our customers need to customize special products to achieve special functions and adapt to special environments.

Advantages of flap barrier turnstile:

After knowing what is flap barrier? We also need to know the advantages of the flap barrier turnstile as follow: Fast opening speed, barrier-free, safe use, low noise, easy maintenance, convenient management, and other characteristics, suitable for high-end residential areas, office buildings, scenic spots, and other places with high pedestrian access frequency.

Composition of flap barrier turnstile:

The flap barrier turnstile is composed of chassis, movement, control system, infrared sensor, control equipment, etc. the material is imported or domestic su304, 1.5mm, and the movement has mechanical anti-pinch. Even if the electronic anti-pinch is broken, the mechanical anti-pinch has the same effect and will not hurt people, which greatly improves safety. The electronic control industrial chip has good stability, does not crash, and has a fast recovery, The infrared sensor can detect the signal. So far, we have a deeper understanding of what is flap barrier.

Working principle of flap barrier turnstile:

To really understand what is flap barrier, we still need to be clear about the working principle of the flap barrier turnstile.

A fast retractable door is embedded in each wing of the channel. When the device detects the opening signal, the two doors will retract synchronously and quickly, making the current channel in an obstacle-free state. The main control board of the machine has a pulse signal command, the control system commands the mechanical system to work, and the gate is opened.

When the pedestrian passes the sensing point, the machine control board informs the movement motor to turn off. There are electronic anti-pinch and mechanical anti-pinch when breaking into the machine illegally. The gate is opened and closed in place to form a dead center mechanism, and the pedestrian can not be opened, so as to improve the traffic reliability.

Application of flap barrier turnstile:

It really is suitable for one-way or two-way control over men and women flow. Stations, docks, tourist attractions import and export channels; Exhibition, swimming pool, etc, Import and export attendance, access control and consumption management of residential areas, factories, enterprises, and institutions;


How to choose a proper flap barrier turnstile?

Most customers don’t know how to choose the proper flap barrier, don’t know how many flap barrier turnstiles do they need? Zento will show a brief introduction about this and hope can help you and solve your problem.

For security turnstile gate users, a good access control turnstile gate is of great help to the efficiency of the whole company or enterprise. After all, good access control turnstile gate, for personnel management, personnel identification is a great help. And at present, how to choose the appropriate model from all kinds of turnstile gates, is an entangled problem. Today, let’s see how to choose the right model from the types of turnstile gates. I hope Zento can give you some help.

Flap turnstile gate is commonly used in some residential areas, office buildings, factories, leisure clubs, tourist attractions, and other open places, it has a good control effect on the passage of personnel, flap turnstile gate is also extremely convenient to use. According to all kinds of requirements, the flap barrier gate selects various identification equipment, control equipment, and software to realize the intelligent control and management of the channel.

Flap barrier turnstile is widely used in entrance and exit control because of its beauty, easy maintenance advantages, and so on, so we can feel its popularity when we take the subway. So, how does to choose and buy a flap barrier turnstile? What are the principles? How to use the flap barrier gate properly? Let’s study it together, so what should we pay attention to in the flap barrier selection?

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