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Based on computer technology, image processing technology, and fuzzy recognition, Shenzhen Zento Communication License Plate Recognition (LPR) builds a vehicle's feature model and identifies vehicle features such as number plates, vehicle models, and colors. It is a special computer vision system that targets a specific target. License plate recognition parking system can automatically extract license plate images from an image, automatically divide characters, and then identify characters. Lpr camera uses advanced image processing, pattern recognition, and artificial intelligence technology. The collected image information is processed, and the digital, letter and Chinese characters of the license plate can be automatically and accurately recognized in real time, and the recognition result is directly given, so that the computerized monitoring and management of the vehicle become a reality.

The New LPR Parking System Technology has absorbed the advantage algorithm domestic and abroad ,on the basis of this, the optimization and improvement are made. The speed and accuracy of recognition have been greatly improved. Especially for lighting requirements,changed the defective of highly reliance on the environment that is undoubtedly an obstacle to installation and application. Due to the uncertainty of the installation location,plate reflection, backlight and other factors will directly affect the recognition of the license plate. The improved algorithm has greatly improved the recognition of the above license plates.

LPR parking system working process(standard one in and one out)
LPR camera capture the car license plate number process
Basic Functions of Parking System Equipment

asic functions and characteristics of the system

asic functions and characteristics of the system

asic functions and characteristics of the system

asic functions and characteristics of the system

asic functions and characteristics of the system

asic functions and characteristics of the system

3.1 Basic functions and characteristics of the system


Fully automatic management of fixed vehicles ,and semi-automatic management of temporary vehicle ,the system reduce vehicle transit time and saving time for drivers, realizing full intelligence management.

①Avoid trouble with card reader installation and maintenance.

②Car owners don't worry about trouble with IC cards lost.

③Unique rolling led electronic display, local language available so that owners and managers read easily.

④Staff reduction and efficiency improvement.

⑤Save the cost of the IC card won’t worry about the lack of IC cards.

⑥It can be operated in conjunction with the police alarm system to effectively combat illegal vehicles and assist in social security management.

⑦There are anti-lifting levers, full unloading, photoelectric control, and high-quality hood gates with accurate balancing system.

⑧Reliability and adaptability of digital vehicle detection system.

⑨The brake device ensures that the brake lever will not fall if it is parked under the brake bar, whether it is an approaching vehicle or a reversed vehicle.

1. Automatic block barrier

①A special unloading device is designed to prevent external force damage.

②The photoelectric switch is used to replace the mechanical stroke switch in stroke control.

③A special balance mechanism is designed to ensure the operation is light and smooth, and the input power is low .

④Additional emergency manual devices to prevent accidents.

⑤Add an anti-crash control system to ensure vehicle safety .

⑥All-circuit con-tactless control system to ensure vehicle safety.

2. Vehicle detector and Induction coil

①Replacing the traditional analog switch judgment with the digital logic judgment to ensure the accuracy of the judgment.

②All-weather performance design, excluding the influence of the external environment on the system(A change in weather, time, etc)

③Flexible regulation of induction to ensure customer's discriminating requirements for different vehicles .

④Rapid response design for large traffic flow operation system .

⑤intelligent logic judgment to ensure the judgment of all kinds of complex combinations.

       3. Electronic display screen (Four lines and 16 words with a traffic light system)

①Adopt full import led luminous tube to ensure brightness.

②The whole import integration block and single chip microcomputer are adopted to ensure reliable programming and convenient modification.

③Double layer color display in Chinese, rich in content and convenient in connecting with R485.

④Rain proof design to ensure reliable operation all day and night.

⑤Plate design, maintenance and replacement are convenient and do not affect the operation of the system.

⑥Dark bottom design to increase display brightness

     4. Lighting equipment

A fill light is required in a low-light environment. LED lights or floodlights can be used for the fill light equipment. The power of the floodlight single-lane fill light is ≤150W, and the power of N lane fill light is ≤N*150W. LED fill light is made of high-brightness light-emitting diode

(LED). It has stable operation, low heat generation, low energy consumption and long service life. The bright LED that are generally used today are all 5mm.

Lpr Parking System Specification

Number Plate recognition rate

daytime ≥ 99.99; Night ≥ 99.96% 

Best range

3-12 m (defined by lens size)

Luminous frequency


Adapt to speed

 0-180 km / h

Level of protection


Output informatio

vehicle characteristic image, license plate image, license plate number, color, type, passage time

Working temperature

-30 ℃ -75 

According to the interface mode

10 / 100M TCP/IP

Image Senso

1 / 3 "COMS

Power supply Voltag

DC 9-18V/AC 220V 

Power consumptio


Minimum illuminatio

 0. 1 Lux(Standard) 

Signal-to-noise ratio

 > 50db

Electronic shutte

1 / 1 to 1 / 10000 seconds / 22 Level

Basic features

2 million pixel HD, maximum 1080p resolution, maximum 30fps frequency

Company Advantage
    1. We select raw material suppliers carrying the certificates that 100% guarantee the materials do no harm to the environment.
    2. We provide a one-stop service integrating design, measurement, production, delivery, installation, and after-sales service.
    3. We have always followed the standardization rules for a rigorous production process, saving time and cost for both parties and bringing maximum benefits to you.
    4.We provide CAD and 3D design sketches. We perform three phases of QC to ensure product quality.
    5. It is extensively used in shops, bars, restaurants, hotels, sports centers, shopping malls, etc.
    6. The warranty period is 2 years, and the parts of the product are free to be replaced during the warranty period (in the case of non-human damage).
    7. Our factory has passed the ISO 9001 international quality certification, and our product have passed the CE certification.
    8. Remote technical support, 24 hours after-sale technical service
    9. We provide customized services, draw design drawings according to customer needs, and produce products that meet customer requirements.
    10.We support OEM/ODM customized logo, company name, product color, software language and other customized services

Q: Are you manufacturer or trader?
A:We are manufacturer, we have own factory in Shenzhen, we have independent department for purchasing, producing, processing, testing, packing, storing , and transportation, believe our team is best team in china.


Q. Do you sell the accessories for Products ?
A:Yes. We have Match the parts for our testing equipment. If our machines damages by fire, water flood, earthquakes, unsteady of power and other natural disasters, we are willing supply match parts with lowest price for you.


Q. How about the packing for product?
A:Is it easy damaged during transportation? For light structure products like Gold detector. Hand held metal detector and so on we takes of strong carton box . For heavy structure products like conveyor belt needle detector. Food metal detector X ray machine .Our packing is Standard Export ploy Wooden Case. Every prepackage have a plastic bags cover .


Q. What’s your main product?
A:We professional in needle detector. Metal detector. X ray machine and other related electronic products and machines


Q. Where is your main sales market?
A:Our Gold meal detectors customer all over the world. Our hand metal detector and walk through metal detector mainly in Southeast of Asia. South of America.Middle east. East Europe and Africa Our needle and food metal detector mainly customers are from Australia. USA. All Europe and Asia


Q. How about your after-sales policy?
A:Customer first is our always principle . All of our products normal warranty is 24months. We give necessary back or video guidance for daily problems. If massive products occur big quality problems. Our technical and engineer support overseas service .


Q. Do you accept customer Logo and customized ?
A:we accept kinds of customized and logo of all of our products for customers


Q: How can we contact with you?

A:1. Find contacts in our website:

    2.Talk with us on trade manager

    3.Press the button"contact supplier" in the products link and send us inquiry

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