Speed Lane Barrier Turnstile

Shenzhen Zento Speed Lane Trnstile Gate Barrier Intelligent Quick Swing Speed Turnstile Gate is a high-end intelligent channel management equipment for non-contact channel detection and control, using the latest mechatronics control and drive technology. Multiple sets of sensors realize the control of the entrance and exit through the door wings, and authorized legal personnel can pass through without any hindrance without each individual being individually inspected, reject unauthorized passage, and provide high-quality entrance and exit control.

Speed Gate Definition:

Speed Turnstile Gates are electronic optical turnstile gates that allow quick access. They utilize optical sensors and card reader access to quickly process pedestrian traffic and determine their entry credentials rapidly. These advanced electronic optical turnstiles are top of the line and can also control for one-way or bi-directional access control.


All optical turnstile gates are considered a speed gate turnstile because of their high throughput and card stacking abilities. These turnstile gates come in customizable widths and can be ADA compliant. Also, these turnstile gates can be barrier-free or have one of many types of barrier to further enhance security. Drop arm, swing arm, retractable glass, and swing glass barrier options are all available for enhanced entrance security.


Speed Turnstile Gates are used in high-traffic areas. They are often used in office buildings, corporate lobbies, subway terminals, and university facilities. These Speed turnstile gates are used to process large crowds of pedestrians without causing a backup. Speed gates turnstile are perfect for any modern application because of their sleek and sophisticated styling.

Speed Lane Turnstile Gate Function

◆ Infrared mechanical double anti pinch function: automatic mechanical anti pinch is safer and more reliable when the gate is running;
◆ The movement part adopts advanced reduction motor + coded electric control positioning device + unique tooth embedded electromagnetic clutch, which effectively realizes the synchronization and positioning accuracy when the wing door swings;
◆ Speed turnstile Gate has humanized status indication function, indicating channel status and access indication; Greatly improve the traffic efficiency and facilitate maintenance.
◆ Barrier breaking alarm function: pedestrians do not swipe their cards to enter the channel, and the equipment alarm prompts pedestrians to swipe their cards;
◆ Speed lane turnstile barrier gate has retrograde alarm and gate closing function: when the pedestrian swipes the card, the equipment will alarm and close the gate at the same time;
◆ Anti tailing function of speed turnstile gate: when the first person swipes the card to pass, the second person does not swipe the card to give an alarm at any time;
◆ The switching speed can reach 0.5 s / action;
◆ Choice of traffic mode: in order to meet different traffic requirements, it can be set as two-way card swiping or one-way card swiping plus free traffic mode;
◆ Speed lane turnstile barrier gate has a unified and standard external electrical interface, which can be used with various access control equipment. Remote control and management can be realized through the management computer;
◆ Remote control function of speed turnstile barrier gate: the gate can be remotely controlled by connecting RS485 through the computer;
◆ automatic reset function of speed turnstile gate: if you fail to pass within the specified time after swiping the card, the gate will return to its position, lock it again and cancel the passage for 5 seconds, 10 seconds and 20 seconds.
◆ Anti collision function of speed gate: the gate is impacted by external force when it is closed. You can choose not to open the gate rod after collision or the automatic return function after opening the gate rod.
◆ After power failure, the clutch is not engaged, and the swing arm can be pushed away manually. Realize the power-off and switching function.

◆ The lanes can be configured for entry, exit or bi-directional access.

◆ The acrylic will retract upon receiving valid signal and close immediately after the pedestrian crosses.

◆ The side hinge door provides an easy avenue for maintenance .

◆ Customization to include card reader, biometric finger print, ticket collection etc., is possible.

◆ Each lanes comes with Infrared (IR) beam sensor to ensure safe access. It can be extended to detect 3 levels of heights, including height of children, which are lower.

◆ The motor will disengage when an object tires to block the flap from closing, providing an additional safety mechanism for the pedestrian.

Speed Lane Turnstile Specification

Product Name

Speed Lane Turnsitle Gate ZT-951


AC 220±10% Volt,50HZ

Operating Temperature


Relative Humidity

≤95%, No Condensation

Arm Length


Passing Speed

30~40 persons/min(IC Card)


0.5NM/24V(full automatic)

Input Connection

+12V Level Signal or Pulse Wide>100ms DC12V


SUS304,thickness is no less than 1.3mm

Protection Grade



SSB(US32D)- Stainless Steel Brushed / Powder Coating(Optional)

Operation Place

Subway Station, Hoverport,Tourism Sports,Exhibition, Swimming Hall,Residence Area,Enterprise’s Entrance and Exit Attendance,Gateway Guard,Charge Management,Special Access Control

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