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What Pedestrian Access Turnstile Gates are suitable for schools?

The pedestrian access turnstile gates installed in schools should also be selected according to school types and actual situations of the installation sites. The pedestrian access turnstile gates are different for different school types such as kindergartens, primary and secondary schools, colleges and universities.

Kindergartens Swing Turnstile Gates

Kindergarten children are relatively small, so small Swing Turnstile Gates channels plus face recognition verification method should be selected. The passage speed of Swing Turnstile Gates is faster and the anti-pinch performance is also better, so Swing Turnstile Gates is safer for children to pass through. After parents pass the face recognition, parent names, parent registration photos and baby photos will appear. Security personnel can directly verify whether the personnel who pick up the children are effective, so as to ensure the safety of children when parents pick up them.

Primary and Secondary Schools Turnstile Gate

The school entrances of primary and secondary schools are generally in open or semi-open environment, and it is inevitable for them to be exposed to the sun and rain. Therefore, the dust-proof, waterproof and sun-proof requirements for Access Control Turnstile Gate are relatively high. Swing Turnstile Gates or Tripod turnstiles Gate Flap Turnstile Gate can be selected because they have better waterproof and sun-proof performance, which can meet the requirements of outdoor installation and use. In addition, the passage speed of Swing Turnstile Gates and Tripod Turnstiles, Flap Turnstile Gate is relatively fast, and about 30-35 people can pass through the gate in one minute, so there will be no congestion in the peak period of schools. These Turnstile Gates are highly anti-trailing. Only one person is allowed to pass at a time, and foreign personnel have no access to schools.

Colleges and Universities Turnstile Gate

High schools and universities can choose the Turnstile Gate according to the installation sites. Anti-collision Swing Turnstile Gates are suitable for school gates. Swing Turnstile Gates have waterproof, sunscreen and anti-collision functions. During the peak period of class, there is a large flow of students in and out, and many students ride bicycles. Swing Turnstile Gates can not only meet the passage demand of high human traffic flow, but also meet the situation of allowing people and bicycles to pass together. Anti-collision Swing Turnstile Gates are suitable for bicycles to pass through. The Turnstile Gates will not be damaged by small bumps even if students accidentally hit the turnstile gates because they are anti-collision and highly anti-destructive. Flap Turnstile Gates can be used in dormitories, libraries, canteens and other places. While improving the level of the places, Flap Turnstile Gates can manage the entrance and exit orderly to avoid congestion because of their high-end appearance and fast opening speed.

Kindergartens School Turnstile Gates Feedback Case Photos

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