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Zento Turnstile and Parking System Manufacturer

Shenzhen Zento Traffic Equipment Co., Ltd, founded in 2004 in shenzhen, is a professional enterprises which engaged in the research and development, large-scale production and sales of high-tech innovative security and protection products around the world. Zento has become the chief supplier of intelligent security system products. With the principle of leading technology, quality first, customer supreme, Zento aims to provide satisfactory service for customers. 

Our main product including Tripod Turnstile, Full Height Turnstile Gate, Flap Turnstile, Speed Lane Turnstile, Swing Barrier Turnstile, Turnstile Face Recognition Access Control, Sliding Turnstile, All Kinds of Personal Security Equipment, Parking Boom Barrier, Road Blocker Hydraulic Automatic, Parking Ticket Dispenser Machine, Bollard Automat Hydraulic, Automat Number Plate Recognition Camera Parking System, and Other Vehicle Equipment. 

We have a professional sales team, management team, technical team and production team. Among them, because we have an excellent production team, we can achieve OEM/ODM, and our professional technical team can provide remote technical guidance and 24-hour technical services. At the same time, our sales team has professional knowledge and can communicate with customers. Real-time communication to help customers solve all problems.

Manufacturer TechnologyProduct Equipment
Laser Machine
The laser cutting machine is to focus the laser light emitted from the laser into a high-power density laser beam through the optical path system. The mechanical part of the laser cutter head has no contact with the workpiece, and will not scratch the surface of the workpiece during work; the laser cutting speed is fast, the incision is smooth and flat; the incision has no mechanical stress, no shearing burr; high processing accuracy, good repeatability, no Damage to the surface of the material; CNC programming can process any floor plan, and can cut large-scale whole boards, reducing the delivery time of turnstile gates and parking equipment.
Bending Machine

The bending machine adopts an all-steel welded structure, which has sufficient strength and rigidity; it is hydraulically driven, and the cylinders at both ends of the machine tool are placed on the sliding block to directly drive the sliding work; the sliding block synchronization mechanism adopts a torsion shaft for forced synchronization; adopts a mechanical block structure ,Stable and reliable;

The stroke of the slider can be adjusted quickly by motor, fine-tuned manually, and the counter is displayed; the wedge-type deflection compensation mechanism can ensure high bending accuracy.

Welding Technology

Welding is a manufacturing process and technology for joining metals or other thermoplastic materials such as plastics by heating, high temperature or high pressure. Welding can repair some cracks and fix the parts of each part.

Polishing Technology

Polishing is to remove burrs, rust, oil and dust on the surface of welding and stainless steel materials; remove coarse particles and impurities on the surface of the coating to obtain a smooth surface; polish the smooth coating surface to a certain roughness to enhance the coating The adhesive force makes the surface of the product look smoother and more beautiful.

How to ship?
By air or by sea, quantity over 10 sets better to choose by sea to reduce cost.
How about the payment method?
Standard products: 30% deposit, 70% balance payment before shipment.Customized products: 50% deposit, 50% balance payment before shipment.Contract amount more than USD15000: 50% deposit, 50% balance payment before shipment.T/T, PayPal, Alibaba Credit guarantee order
What time do you need to delivery?
Commonly to say, 5-7 working days after payment could delivery for common orders, but it depends the order quantity. We could talk about this question before final payment.
Do you have agency for after-sales service?
Any question about delivery goods, you could find our sales anytime. For installation, we will offer instruction video to help and if you face any technical question, welcome to contact with us to have a face time to solve it.
What is your pricing strategy?
For overseas markets, we will use competitive prices to support a strong distributor in each area, and gradually establish overseas service agency, as a good opportunity, some long-term cooperation partners will compete with us to sign the annual cooperation agreement (including execution price).
Our services
1.Oem or odm are acceptable.
2.We accept small order/trial order for customer to check whether the products is suitable for the market.
3.Will be available online almot in 24 hours service for your esteemed company.
4.We are glad to hear from you soon and to start a business relationship with your esteem company.

Basic Information
  • Year Established
  • Business Type
    Manufacturing Industry
  • Country / Region
    Shenzhen Guangdong
  • Main Industry
    Access Control Systems & Products
  • Main Products
    Turnstile Access Control Gate & Parking System Equipment
  • Enterprise Legal Person
  • Total Employees
    16~100 people
  • Annual Output Value
  • Export Market
    Chinese Mainland,European Union,Middle East,Eastern Europe,Latin America,Africa,Oceania,Hong Kong and Macao and Taiwan,Japan,Southeast Asia,America
  • Cooperated Customers
Company Profile
Zento founded in 2004 in shenzhen, is a professional enterprises which engaged in the research and development, large-scale production and sales of high-tech innovative security and protection products around the world. With the principle of leading technology, quality first, customer supreme, Zento aims to provide satisfactory service for customers. We mainly produce and customize a variety of pedestrian turnstile gate products and security road barrier equipment. Our products include full height turnstiles, swing turnstile gate, flap barrier turnstile, tripod turnstile, sliding turnstile, speed gates,face recognition and all kinds of access control system, license plate recognition parking system, smart RFID&ticket parking system, automatic rising bollards, parking lock, boom barrier and so on. We can also customize special turnstile gates according to your actual needs. We have a professional sales team, pre-sales, and after-sales personnel, as well as professional engineers to customize the turnstile gate for your special needs. Our customers are never concerned about after-sales, because we have solved the problems before the customers find them. This is our service tenet.

Do you want to have a high-quality pedestrian turnstile gate? Do you want to have a efficetive management system to manage your parking lot? We are committed to providing cost-effective pedestrian turnstile gate and parking system equipment products for customers all over the world. All our turnstile gates and parking system equipment provide 1 years warranty service. Meanwhile, we guaranteed to offer the best turnstile gate price online, optimized for a low cost. Provide high-quality and cost-effective security access control turnstile and parking system equipment.

We have a complete turnstile gate assembly workshop, acrylic production line, and chassis sheet metal production line. From the loading and unloading of a screw, the opening, bending, cutting, stamping, welding, forming, and grinding of the turnstile chassis, to the selection of a high-quality turnstile mechanism, until a complete turnstile gate product, each step of the production process is strictly controlled, finally go through strict wooden box packaging to ensure that the customer’s turnstile gate is delivered to the customer intact.

We are factory direct selling. Our products sell well in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Eastern Europe, and over 40 countries all over the world. Our products are very popular in many countries, such as USA, Mexico, Canada, Britain, France, Germany, and other countries. We also sincerely welcome you to become our distributor and agent. We are looking for agents from all over the world to represent our products. Whether you are a turnstile gate or parking system supplier from Europe, Turkey, Spain, Indonesia, USA or Australia or other countries, if you want to represent us products or are interested in our products, do not hesitate to contact us for more information.
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Business License
Issue by:深圳市场监督管理局
Issue by:Shenzhen ZKT Technology Co.,Ltd.
Issue by:Shenzhen ZKT Technology Co.,Ltd.
Issue by:SDIC
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