Flap Turnstile Barrier
Product Description

Flap-In-Flap Flap Barrier Gate Main Functions and Features:

* With auto failure checking and Logical judgment function, make the turnstile access easy for maintenance and operation.

* Flexible to set the performance, up to dozens of species, and easy to expand.

* Double protections of infrared and mechanical anti-pinch function.the turnstile will automatically stop or rebound,       sending out alarm signal at the same time when a sudden barrier force is applied during system reset.

* Multi-modes alarm function, including illegal intrusion, anti-intrusion, anti-trailing, overtime alarm, etc.

* Anti-rush function, without receiving the open signal, turnstile arm locks automatically.

* Anti-Reverse function, when somebody attempts to passing reversely, the barrier arm will quickly shut at the same     time alarms.

* Flexible access instruction function, high brightness light, and its humanized prompt function make the passageway   more characteristic.

* Normal open and normal close can be controlled by code-dialing or external

* Automatic detection and reset function: System will automatically cancel the access right when detected no objects   passing within the prescribed period of time (adjustable).

* Arm auto normal open when power is off(free passing), and meet the requirements of the emergency.

* Can be linked with a variety of control system, receiving the signal of the relay switch.

* Muti Passing modes: Can set uni-direction or bi-direction passing at will.

* Strong environment adapting ability, can be installed in any harsh environments, with strong self-protecting ability.   such as weak current, Strong light exposure, for rain and snow weather, typhoon or other environmental change.

Auto bidirectional counter: Automatically count the number present(customized)

* Voice prompt(customized)

* Barrier arm material and color can be customized

Product Details

  • Flap-in-Flap Turnstile
    The main function of the flap-in-flap(double arm) is to widen the passage, which can be used for wheelchairs, baby strollers and other functions.
  • Unique Light Strip 
    Unique shape design of the light strip, different shapes can be customized.
  • RFID Card Reader
    Access control system customized. Face recognition, fingerprint, QR code scanner.
  • 4-6 Pairs of Infrared
    Infrared function mainly realizes automatic opening and closing.
  • Flap Control Board 
    The motherboard, power supply and other lines are neatly installed in a box, which can effectively waterproof and protect the line.
  • OEM/ODM Customized
    Tell us your needs, our designers can design the best solutions and products for you.

Technical Parameter:

Flap-In-Flap Flap Barrier Gate Technical Parameter:

Housing material: International standard 304SS

Processing work craft: Adopt laser, bend, cut, weld, polish and etc.

Box size:L1600*W300*H1000(mm)/per difference models

Weight:About 50kg(single core); 70kg(double core)

Lane width: 550-600mm

Passing speed: 25-35 people/minute

Work environment: Indoor or outdoor(rain shelves is suggested)

Drive motor: DC Brush-less motor(24v)

Working voltage: AC220±10V,50HZ

Input interface: Relay switch signal

Lifespan: Above 8 million times

Humidity: 5%--90%

Work temperature: -40℃-- 80℃

Gate open or close time: 0.4--1s adjustable

Communication interface: RS485/TCP/IP

Flap Turnstile Application and Feedback Photo

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