What is the difference between a Speed Turnstile Gate and a Swing Barrier Gate?


Many people think that speed turnstile gates and swing barrier gates are the same, but the truth is that speed gates and swing gates are very different. Now we will introduce the difference between the speed turnstile gate and the swing barrier gate as follow:

Control section

       The speed of opening the speed turnstile gate is very fast, 0.3-0.8 seconds/time, and 45-65 people/min. It can be swiped continuously and the turnstile gate can be opened continuously. The speed turnstile gate has a memory function and a fire linkage. The speed can be adjusted, generally 2 times that of ordinary swing barrier gates, which can facilitate the rapid passage of pedestrians. The opening speed of the swing brrier gate is relatively slow, the traffic is 20-25 people/min, the turnstile gate is recovered after power failure, which meets the fire protection requirements, and there is no fire linkage function. Pass, during peak times, you can only pass one card per person, you cannot swipe your card continuously, and there is no memory to open the turnstile gate. The control part, like the human brain, is fast, flexible and stable.



Drive method

       The movement of the swing barrier gate, 4-wheel drive 4-slot brake, belongs to sliding friction, the speed turnstile gate motor is directly driven, the clutch brakes, and there is no friction. The mechanism of the speed turnstile gate adopts the clutch and the encoder, and the motor transmission efficiency is high, that is, the transmission coefficient is large, and the effective power of the motor is transmitted to the door swing to the maximum extent. The motor adopts DC brushless or servo motor, or brushed motor. When the door pendulum is acted by a sudden external force, the door pendulum deviates from the zero position, the solenoid valve locks the brake immediately, reducing the external force, and the encoder acts to direct the door pendulum to return to the zero position, forming an automatic reset. There is an "illegal entry" voice alarm prompt.


The movement of the swing barrier gate adopts sliding friction, the principle of four wheels and four grooves, and the transmission efficiency is low. It is positioned by the wheel and the groove at 90°. Every time the door swing swings, the sheave wheel will slide and rub once, and the positioning is also determined by the dead mechanism. In case of external force, if the anti-collision device is not added, the movement or the door swing will be directly damaged. The door swing will deviate from the middle zero position, the two sides will not be aligned and not synchronized, and the movement will not work normally, and the door swing will bend. The motor adopts a brushed motor, and illegal entry can only be called an alarm, but the brake cannot be locked. Ordinary swing barrier gates need to pay attention to the impact that will hurt the body or be fatal. The movement of the turnstile gate is like a human heart, which plays a vital role.


       The appearance of the speed turnstile gate is relatively slender, just like the facial features of a person, and it needs a coordinated proportion to make it look grand. The structure of the movement is small, and the clutch and the encoder are used together. The width is about 120-180mm and the length is about 1500mm. The door swing is basically plexiglass or tempered glass. From the outside, the production process and the overall shape are very atmospheric. The appearance of the swing barrier gate is wide and thick, and the movement itself is large. It adopts the ordinary movement and the principle of four-wheel and four-slot structure. The width of the chassis is generally about 280-330mm, and the length is between 420-1200mm. Most of the door swings are made of 304 stainless steel. With a small part of plexiglass, the whole appearance of the swing barrier gate looks heavy.

Speed Turnstile Gate 
Swing Barrier Gate

■ Limiting method

       Swing barrier gates generally use proximity switches or optocoupler signals, which have large contact area and inaccurate position limits. Speed turnstile gates use encoder limit, which can be accurate to 1°, so swing barrier gates and speed turnstile gates cannot be in the same grade. Many companies on the market have reduced the current swing barrier gate movement to act as a speed turnstile gate, and the quality and performance have not yet reached the standard of a speed gate. So when you buy, don't be blinded by the appearance, don't covet the cheap price, and really understand this product.

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