• <p>​​​​​​Confirm the Demand<br></p>

    ​​​​​​Confirm the Demand

    Confirm all product details and requirements through effective communication with customers, and formulate corresponding production plans

  • <p>Design Sketch<br></p>

    Design Sketch

    The designer draws the corresponding sketches according to the customer's needs, and the production is carried out after the customer confirms.

  • <p>Material Preparation<br></p>

    Material Preparation

    The 304 stainless steel plate is cut out according to the design of the product and the corresponding material is cut out according to the design drawing. After grinding and welding, the manufacture of the chassis shell is completed.

  • <p>Internal Parts Installation<br></p>

    Internal Parts Installation

    After the chassis shell is manufactured, the assembly department will install the internal parts of the product, as well as the access control system required by the customer.

  • <p>Product Testing<br></p>

    Product Testing

    After the installation is completed, the product will be debugged to ensure the normal operation of the product, and the complete product picture or video will be sent to the customer, and it will be packaged after confirming that there is no problem.

  • <p>Packaging and Shipping</p>

    Packaging and Shipping

    After the product is confirmed by the customer, the staff will clean the product, pack the product with styrofoam, cardboard boxes, etc., make a wooden box, and send the product to the customer by air or sea.

Range Of Premium Products
They are all manufactured according to the strictest international standards. Our products have received favor from both domestic and foreign markets.
They are now widely exporting to 200 countries.
  • 15 YEARS
    15 YEARS
    Industry Experience
  • 30 ITEMS
    30 ITEMS
    Product appearance patent certificate
  • 20000+
    Global Partners
  • 385 ITEMS
    385 ITEMS
    Product Certificate Report
  • 5000+
    Factory Area


The products cover the domestic market with its excellent quality and are exported to Europe, North America and other developed countries and developing countries in Southeast Asia, Africa, the Middle East and so on.

  • 01 Laser Cutting Machine
    01 Laser Cutting Machine
    Use a laser cutting machine to cut stainless steel sheets into parts of different shapes, input accurate data on the control computer, and the cut materials are faster and more accurate
  • 02 Bending Machine
    02 Bending Machine
    The material cut by the laser machine is folded into the corresponding arc and shape according to the size chart of the turnstile, so that the turnstile becomes angular 03 Welding Technology
  • 03 Welding Technology
    03 Welding Technology
    The parts of the turnstle are welded together by welding technology to initially form the shape of the access turnstile gate.
  • 04 Polishing Technology
    04 Polishing Technology
    After welding, there will be traces of welding. Through polishing technology, these welding points can be decorated and beautified, and through proper polishing, the product can be smooth and translucent.
  • 05 Assembly
    05 Assembly
    After the chassis shell is completed, we will install the main board and other parts of the turnstile, and debug to ensure that the turnstile gate can work normally before delivery.
  • 06 Testing & Package
    06 Testing & Package
    After the turnstile gate or parking system equipment is assembled, it will be debugged by technicians until the product can work normally, and after the cleaning work is done, we will pack the turnstile gate or parking system equipment in carton first, and then make wooden boxes that meet export requirements, and send the goods to customers by sea or air.


The product successfully applies to the government, airport customs, office building, bank, subway, dock, community, etc. Our turnstile gates offer a fully integrated performance. Our packing system can be connected to the system of shopping malls, communities or office buildings.

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