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  • <p>Our Strength</p>

    Our Strength

    We not only have rich experience and professional knowledge, but also have a professional sales team and technical service team, which can provide you with the best quality services and products.

  • <p>Why Choose Zento</p>

    Why Choose Zento

    We are an integrated industry and trade enterprise, providing you with the highest quality solutions, and have a reputation for innovation, extensive expertise, high-quality products and problem-solving services.

  • <p>OEM/ODM Service</p>

    OEM/ODM Service

    We can design products that fit the theme according to your usage scenarios, and customize unique products for you, including color and appearance, accept customized products, logos, and company name brands can be customized to the product.

  • <p>High-quality Product</p>

    High-quality Product

    All our turnstile gate and parking system equipment have CE certificates and ROHS certificates, and the production process of the products is all produced in accordance with the requirements of the ISO9001 certificate.

Range Of Premium Products
They are all manufactured according to the strictest international standards. Our products have received favor from both domestic and foreign markets.
They are now widely exporting to 200 countries.
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Our gates and parking lot systems have corresponding CE certificates and product testing reports. We strictly control the quality of products in accordance with the production qualification requirements of the products.

  • MTL22042801903E04 EMC证书_00
    MTL22042801903E04 EMC证书_00
  • MTL22042801903E01 EMC 证书_00
    MTL22042801903E01 EMC 证书_00
  • MTL22060201R01  ROHS  证书_00
    MTL22060201R01 ROHS 证书_00
  • lpr parking system certficate_00
    lpr parking system certficate_00
  • hydraulic bollard certificate_00
    hydraulic bollard certificate_00
  • hydraulic bollard CE certificate_00
    hydraulic bollard CE certificate_00
  • boom barrier certificate_00
    boom barrier certificate_00
  • Boom barrier CE certificate_00
    Boom barrier CE certificate_00

    We are committed to providing cost-effective pedestrian turnstile gate and parking system equipment products for customers all over the world. While providing high-quality security turnstile gate products and parking system equipment, we are also committed to saving costs for our customers. All our turnstile gates and parking system equipment provide 1 years warranty service. Meanwhile, we guaranteed to offer the best turnstile gate price online, optimized for a low cost. Provide high-quality and cost-effective security access control turnstile and parking system equipment.

    • 2022

      The series of turnstile and parking system equipment have passed the testing of professional testing companies, and obtained CE certificates and reports, as well as Rohs certificates and reports.

    • 2021

      The company has opened online promotion models of different channels, and different platforms are displayed to different groups of people.

    • 2020

      The appearance of our series of products has applied for product patents, strengthening the intellectual property protection of products, and producing products with Zento characteristics.

    • 2019

      The company's turnstiles and parking system equipment have passed ISO9001 certification, as well as CE certificate certification for access gates and parking systems.

    • 2018

      Our access turnstile gates and parking system equipment are exported to more than 100+ different countries and regions, and the number of turnstile and parking system equipment exceeds 8000 units.

    • 2016

      More than 50+ customers cooperate with us, our turnstile gate and parking system equipment appear all over the world and are recognized by customers.

    • 2015

      The production department purchases more advanced production tools, the quality of the turnstile produced is higher, the output continues to increase, and the delivery cycle is shortened.

    • 2014

      Zento Overseas Department was established, established online sales channels, and established overseas sales teams.


We are committed to providing customers with high-quality products. In the process of communicating with customers, we continue to improve and upgrade the appearance and functions of products according to customer requirements, and create turnstiles that better meet customer requirements.

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