Workflow and principle of face recognition gate


The face recognition door is generally composed of a face recognition tablet + a pedestrian passage door. The main feature is that the face recognition system visitors can collect faces on the visitor machine or through WeChat, visitors can enter the door channel through face recognition, and staff in the office building can also enter and exit at will through face recognition. Are you curious about how its workflow works, whether you want to buy and install a face recognition door or go through a face recognition door often? The general face recognition door can not only pass face recognition, but also have the function of swiping through the card.

The following are the specific workflow and principles: The face recognition door is swiped through the workflow and principle: 1. Turn on the power and enter the working state after 3 seconds. 2.

When the card reader reads a useful card, the buzzer will make a sound and sound to indicate that the card is successfully read; at the same time, it will identify and process the information read from the card, and notify the main control board through a signal . 3. The main control board receives the signal from the card reader and infrared sensor.

After sensing and processing, useful control signals are notified to the direction indicator and motor, turning the direction indicator into a green arrow channel flag. If the system shuts down normally, the motor works, the limit switch controls the turning point of electric operation, and the door opens (when the motor does not turn on, the motor does not move, allowing pedestrians to pass. 4.

After the pedestrian passes through the face recognition door, the infrared sensor senses the whole process of the pedestrian passing through the face recognition door, and continuously informs the main control panel until the pedestrian passes the face recognition door. 5. If the pedestrian forgets to read the card or the card is invalid and enters the face recognition door, the swing door system will prevent the pedestrian from passing through.

Face recognition gate face recognition through the workflow and principle: 1. Visitors can make an appointment to collect faces through WeChat. After the respondent passes, the visitor passes through the gate with their face on.

Or visitors can use the reservation code to collect faces on the self-service visitor machine after making an appointment through WeChat. Visitors pass through gates or passage gates by their faces. 2.

Visitors who have not made an appointment can collect their faces at the artificial visitor machine at the front desk after the staff has registered their documents. Then go through the door or access door through the face. 3.

The company personnel can record the time through the face in and out or the passage door, which can be used as the basis for attendance.

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