Which places are swing gates generally applicable to?


Swing gate is commonly called flapping gate in urban rail manufacturing industry. The shape of its arresting body (swing gate) is a plan with a required total area. It divides the road vertically and evenly, and keeps blocking and releasing according to the rotation and shaking.

The swing gate is composed of a surface, a watch core, a swing arm, an automatic control system, an infrared sensor, a control system, etc. The swing gate is applicable to places with large provisions on the width of the safe passage, including places with non motor vehicles or more bicycles with luggage bags, and special safe passage for those who are inconvenient to walk. It is also applicable to places with high aesthetic standards.

Such as residential college, tourist attractions, ports, airports, subway stations, etc. What are the advantages of swing gate: 1. There is no mechanical equipment impact during the whole process of swing gate operation, and the noise is relatively low.

2. The bridge swing brake is relative to the three roller brake, which improves the non motor vehicle driving inspection control module, can reasonably inspect the overall driving goal, and has strong anti tailgating ability. 3.

The width of the safety passage is larger among all the road gates, usually between 550mm and 1000mm. Some high-end goods can guarantee 1500mm, which is more suitable for driving non motor vehicles or single vehicles with luggage bags. It can also be used as a special safety passage for those who are inconvenient to walk.

4. The extensibility of appearance shape is the strongest among all road gates. The types of raw materials of the arresting body are rich and colorful, and the shape of the shell is also diversified, which is convenient for the design and conception of a very beautiful and generous shape design.

Therefore, it is commonly used in office buildings, intelligent buildings, halls and other high-end places. The technical standards for manufacturers are relatively high. If the design concept is not good, the credibility of the goods will be greatly reduced.

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