Which gate is better, three roller gate, swing gate or wing gate?


Some users will compare the three roller brake, swing brake and wing brake. In fact, they do not say which type of brake is good, but it depends on the traffic details. Three roller gate: suitable for many people, one card for one person, anti tailgating, etc.

, with low price; Swing gate: because the swing gate is always wide, it is suitable for drivers, bicycles, electric vehicles, etc; Wing gate: The wing gate is better than the three roller gate and swing gate, and is suitable for some high-end sites. 1. For tourist attractions, ecological parks, processing plants and other places.

The three roller brake is a very good choice. Its major characteristics are that it can reasonably ensure a single person driving, maintain unilateral access and staff mobility, and the cost is low. When it was applied in the processing plant, it could be closely combined with the access control system to integrate the organic chemistry of access control and flow control.

In scenic spots and ecological parks, it can be integrated with the electronic ticket system, which can maintain the role of full automatic ticket checking. Relativity to manual service ticket checking can not only improve work efficiency, but also leave deep feelings for tourists and improve the brand image of scenic spots. 2.

For residential areas, centralized housing and other places, the flow of people is very easy to exceed the peak in some special time range, and there will be children's toy cars, bicycles and other bulky blocks passing. Therefore, three roller gates and swing gates or wing gates and swing gates are usually used to deal with the rush hour traffic and the unique needs of special groups. 3.

For subway stations, subway stations, airports and other areas, the passenger flow is very large, and many non motor vehicles will carry luggage bags. At this time, some intelligent swing brakes and wing brakes equipped with high-precision controllers can be selected, taking into account the characteristics of faster driving and large overall driving width, and can reasonably avoid ticket evasion, tailgating, turning back and other illegal activities. The characteristics of another intelligent swing gate, such as its large overall width and strong retraction, show the probability of setting a special safety channel for those who are inconvenient to walk.

4. For high-end sites, more harmonious high-end wing gates and swing gates can be selected. As such sites have higher requirements on the noise, characteristics and beauty of road gates.

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