When three roller gates are used in office buildings, how should they be selected?


When the three-roller gate is used in an office building, the selected three-roller gate should be properly selected. It is very important to select a suitable area to install the three-roller gate access control, and fully consider the following: 1. What is the passenger flow, the length and the total width, and the total number of road gates used, that is to say, the number of road gates, usually choose as many three-roller gates as possible to prevent blocking, or use a common platform, which will harm the road Gate use period.

2. Low noise; Xiangtongbao three-roller gate is equipped with shock-absorbing glue, which is not very noisy in application, and is an automatic noise-reducing three-roller gate. 3.

The appearance design is beautiful and generous; the appearance should be considered more, a good appearance can produce high-end elegance and enjoyment, and bring charm to all office buildings. 4. Safety and reliability, the three-roller gate should not be broken frequently to prevent damage to the brand image.

The actual effect of Xiangtongbao’s three-roller gate application is very good, the product quality is stable, the power is turned off, and the rod is turned off, which has the function of emergency fire evacuation and high safety performance. There is assurance.

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