What should we pay attention to when using three-roll gates in factories?


What should be paid attention to in the use of the factory three-roller gate? 1. Please swipe your card outside the yellow line. The factory three-roller gate is fully open and there is a direction indicating arrow to prompt you to pass.

During the walking process, please do not stay in the passage or pass after returning. 2. During the passing process, please do not follow closely into the three-roller gate channel of the factory, and do not squeeze the rod to swipe the card, so as to avoid the phenomenon that the gate will not be opened after swiping the card.

3. When you see that the three-roller gate of the factory is fully opened, please don't forget to swipe your card, and indeed meet the requirements of one card and one person. 4.

Do not artificially damage the three-roller turnstile in the factory (damage caused by human reasons is not covered by the warranty). 5. If you find any abnormality during use, please cut off the power in time and contact the after-sales department of the channel gate company.

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