What's different about the sidewalk wing gates?


The wing gate is a machine and equipment applied to the management of pedestrian passages. Its key features are faster opening, safety, and convenience. At this stage, the wing gate is suitable for some places with a large passenger flow, such as subway stations, tourist attractions, Subway stations, airports, etc.

1. The reliability of the wing gate will increase during the whole process of operation, and the machinery and equipment of the whole process from starting to operation to termination of the product will be very stable. The machinery and equipment operate without noise and without mechanical equipment damage.

The whole application process feels very good. 2. The opening and closing of the wings of the wing gate is faster, and it will be automatically opened immediately after swiping the credit card.

It greatly improves the high efficiency of everyone's driving and makes driving more and more smooth. 3. The design of the wings of the wing gate is not only fashionable but also easy to use.

The gate of the wing gate adopts a noise reduction design style, and the opening of the wing gate after swiping a credit card is not easy to cause all noises. The most personalized design concept. All are the result of the rapid development of high-tech.

4. The wing gate is very acceptable and can be integrated into a variety of complex natural environments. It can work normally in a variety of complex natural environments.

It can be integrated into the short-circuit fault of weak current installation, direct sunlight, fog, rain and snow, strong typhoon temperature and environmental damage. This is a key reason why many sites choose wing gates at this stage. 5.

With the rapid development of high-tech technology, the wing gate adopts an intelligent design scheme, which can be applied to a series of image recognition technologies such as one-card fingerprint verification, facial recognition, QR code, etc., and the compatibility mode is very strong.

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