What problems can a license plate recognition system solve?


License plate recognition technology can realize the automatic registration of vehicle "identity", which has been widely used in various traffic occasions, and plays a vital role in the construction of "safe city". The specific summary is as follows: Electronic Police System As an intelligent system to capture vehicle violations, the electronic police system greatly reduces the pressure of traffic management. With the development of computer technology and CCD technology, the electronic police system is now a high-definition capture system triggered by pure video.

Snapshot function of pressing line and changing lanes, illegal pressing double yellow line snapping function and illegal retrograde snapping function, etc. Highway toll system The highway toll collection system has been basically automated. When the vehicle is at the expressway toll entrance station, the system performs license plate recognition and saves the license plate information.

When the vehicle is at the expressway toll exit station, the system performs license plate recognition again, and enters the vehicle. License plate information By comparison, only the license plates of the inbound and outbound vehicles can be allowed to pass, and the automatic toll collection system can effectively improve the passing efficiency of vehicles, and can effectively detect vehicles evading tolls. Parking lot system When the vehicle enters the parking lot, the charging system captures the picture of the vehicle for license plate recognition, saves the vehicle information and entry time, and broadcasts the free parking space by voice.

time, and look up the entry time of the car in the database, calculate the parking fee for the car, and after the owner has paid the fee, the toll system will automatically release it. The parking lot charging system not only realizes automatic management and saves manpower, but also ensures the safety of vehicle parking.

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