What kind of swing gate is reliable?


1. The anti-collision function of the swing gate can not be driven by external force when the swing gate lever is locked, and can withstand the impact force within a safe range. Equipped with emergency escape control device, which automatically unlocks the brake lever to free mode, which is convenient for crowd evacuation (remote control).

2. Itinerary display switch function When the top of the swing gate is equipped with LEDs to display the traffic status and direction, and there are more than two legal traffic signals at the same time, the system will remember all traffic requests and complete each traffic action in turn. 3.

The switching of the exchange's flow restriction function can limit the number of personnel through software to meet the special circumstances of personnel management. Through software batch setting and debugging of multiple doors, improve efficiency and reduce maintenance costs. 4.

Compatibility switching The swing fryer has a dry contact signal output interface and a wide threshold level signal input interface, which is compatible with various access control controllers.

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