What is the installation process of the access control wing gate?


Friends who have purchased access control system gates know that if you buy a complete set of wing gate access control system gates, if you want to maintain your own independent installation of wing gate access control system gates, just spend ten minutes reading After completing the following installation steps of the gate gate of the wing gate access control system, this is not only a process of imitation, but also in the installation process to find out if there is any loss, adjust it immediately, let's share it with you: first choose Raw materials: choose communication cable, it is best to use eight-core network cable; choose embedded pipe, 6-point galvanized steel pipe is the best (two and three directions when buying adapters); choose power cord plug, the national industry standard cable is the best. it is good. First of all, the relative path of wiring, the installation position of the surface, and other areas that must be paid attention to are all considered.

Secondly, deal with the line trenches of the foundation pit line according to the first wing gate access control system gate machine installation plan, and there is no need to dig it here as much as possible. Then, carry out line treatment and bury the embedded pipe according to the second treatment line trench. Here, the next step will be carried out after the concrete is dry.

In addition, wiring processing should be done according to the wiring requirements of the installation plan for the gate of the wing gate access control system and the plug of the power cord, and the underground wiring should be tight to prevent the cables from being corroded. In addition, the installation position is fixed. The position of the gate machine is fixed according to the installation plan of the gate gate of the wing gate access control system.

Do you remember to add weathering glue to the outside of the turnstile after the installation process? Finally finished: check whether there are loopholes in all lines, check whether all the gates are fixed without difficulty, and check whether there is no problem after the power check is carried out.

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