What is the difference between an automatic three-roll gate and a manual three-roll gate?


The three-roller gate, one of the access gates, is named because its gate rods are three cylindrical rods. Its anti-tailing function is much stronger than that of swing gates and wing gates. It is suitable for various places that require pedestrians to pass in an orderly manner.

Class public places, such as scenic spots, exhibition halls, cinemas, wharfs, railway stations, bus stations and other production institutes. The three-roller gate is also divided into automatic three-roller gate and manual three-roller gate. Automatic three roller gate: 1.

Fully automatic three-roller gate The automatic three-roller gate is an upgraded product of the semi-automatic three-roller gate. It is a combination of mechanics and electronics. The entire operation of the gate is driven by the motor, and it can control the flow of people in or out in two directions.

When authorized, turn the brake lever forward 15-20, indicating to push the brake lever forward, driven by the motor, pass smoothly, waiting for the next authorization, when the authorization fails, the brake lever cancels the authorization within the specified time , the brake lever returns to the middle zero position, someone breaks in illegally, the brake lever is locked and an alarm is issued. It has the function of automatic upper lever when power off and down, which is very convenient to use and has no noise. 2.

Semi-automatic three-roller gate The semi-automatic three-roller gate is an upgraded product of the manual three-roller gate. It is equipped with one motor or two electromagnets to control the locking and unlocking of the incoming and outgoing directions. After the passage is authorized, the movement positioning arm is opened, the hand pushes the brake lever to turn 120 degrees, the electromagnet drives the unlocking arm to unlock, the release brake lever can be rotated in one direction, and the user can gently push the brake lever to pass through the passage.

When the authorization is not passed, the authorization of illegal entry will be cancelled within the specified time, the gate bar will block the passage, and the power will automatically drop the rod, which can effectively prevent pedestrians from retrograde. It is easy to use and maintain, and it can really realize the one-card operation by being fast and agile. Manual three roller gate: The manual three-roller gate is a purely mechanical three-roller gate without any electrical equipment.

It controls free passage in one direction, only one-way entry or one-way exit, and the other direction is locked and prohibited from passing, and it cannot realize single-machine two-way control. And no need to swipe card, automatic positioning, reset system. When passing, the user only needs to push the brake lever gently by hand to pass, the structure is simple, and the use and maintenance are convenient.

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