What is the difference between a high-speed gate and an ordinary gate?


What is the difference between a shutter and a normal door? People often ask this question. In fact, there is no essential difference between them. They are the same in appearance and function.

However, some manufacturers and users use their terminology. The entry-exit management equipment for shutters and ordinary doors is composed of hardware configuration and software, and the product application is stable and reliable. Generally used in conjunction with access control systems, it can also be used according to visitor needs or other biometric systems.

What is the difference between a shutter and a normal gate? Features of speed gates and ordinary gates: 1. Automatically lock to avoid forcibly passing through the braking safety channel. 2.

Unique speed gate. Anti-rust treatment. Robust and durable for use with screen printing inks.

Considering the unique requirements of customers, unique customized solutions such as etching process. 3. With automatic and semi-automatic operation capability, automatic logic identification and safety design scheme to ensure the safety of non-motor vehicles.

4. The speed-through door operator can provide a large number of sockets, integrating a large number of external equipment, unified management, and more convenient. 5.

Brushless servo motor speed gate. The brake has an automatic alarm function. 6.

Automatic calibration. Basic elements such as increase and alarm. 7.

The switching speed is fast, the two-way precise positioning, and the positioning is very accurate. 8. Remote operation The remote operation and management can be carried out through the Internet and computer.

Shutters and regular doors include triple-roller doors. Wing brakes and other commonly used braking equipment, their motor selection. Installation and after-sales maintenance services are provided by professional technicians and project personnel.

Regular maintenance can extend the service life.

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