what is an automated parking system


What Is an Automated Parking System?

As urbanization continues to increase, urban developers and city governments are increasingly seeking innovative ways to optimize space in urban areas. One of the most valuable resources in cities is space and with ever-growing populations, the need for space seems to be an unending challenge.

One solution that is gaining popularity is automated parking systems. Automated parking systems (APS) are parking systems that utilize computerized technology to move cars into and out of parking spaces, without the need for human intervention. In this article, we will explore what an automated parking system is, how it works, and its benefits.

What are Automated Parking Systems?

Automated parking systems are parking systems that use advanced technology to move cars into and out of parking spaces using mechanical and computerized means. Automated parking systems are designed to optimize parking space, reducing the need for large parking lots and garages.

How Do Automated Parking Systems Work?

Automated parking systems work on the principle of robotic valet parking. Vehicles are parked on pallets that are then transported by motorized lifts and slid into available parking spaces. The system uses automated parking software to monitor occupancy and to retrieve vehicles when they are required. When a driver needs their car, they simply command the system with a remote or smartphone app, and the APS delivers the car back to them.

Benefits of Automated Parking Systems

Automated parking systems offer many benefits over traditional parking systems. The following are five of the most significant benefits of automated parking systems:

1. Space Optimization

Automated parking systems use less space compared to traditional parking garages. The system maximizes space utilization by stacking parking spots vertically and horizontally, reducing the need for large surface parking lots.

2. Time Optimization

Automated parking systems are known for their quick retrieval times. Because the system can retrieve cars within a few minutes, it reduces the time drivers spend looking for parking spaces, thus optimizing time utilization.

3. Enhanced Security

Automated parking systems enhance vehicle security. Once a car is entered in the APS, it cannot be accessed or removed by an unauthorized person. This reduces the possibility of theft or damage to vehicles parked within the system.

4. Improved Sustainability

Automated parking systems contribute to environmental sustainability by reducing traffic congestion and air pollution. They also reduce the amount of energy needed to cool and light a traditional parking garage, thus reducing carbon emissions significantly.

5. Reduced Labor Costs

Automated parking systems require less labor than traditional parking systems, thus reducing labor costs. Once installed, the APS requires minimal maintenance and security personnel.


In conclusion, an automated parking system is an innovative parking solution that utilizes advanced technology to maximize parking space utilization while enhancing vehicle security and optimizing time utilization. The system offers many benefits such as space optimization, time optimization, enhanced security, improved sustainability, and reduced labor costs. With the benefits that automated parking systems offer, it is no surprise that they are gaining popularity in urban areas, and will continue to be a valuable resource in future urban planning.


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