What is a vertical wing gate? The composition of the vertical wing gate


1. What is a vertical wing gate Vertical wing gate is a kind of channel management equipment. Because of its fast opening speed, vertical wing gate is also called telescopic gate, fast gate, etc.

2. Composition of vertical wing gate The composition of the vertical wing gate is composed of the chassis, the movement, the control system, the infrared sensor, the control equipment and so on. Combine card reader, QR code 3.

Working principle of vertical wing gate A door that can be quickly retracted is embedded in each of the two wings of the passage. When the device detects the opening signal, the two doors will retract rapidly synchronously, so that the current passage is in an unobstructed state. 4.

Advantages of vertical wing gate With the characteristics of fast opening speed, barrier-free, safe use, and convenient management, it is the first choice for passageways with high pedestrian access frequency.

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