What is a full-height turnstile?


Today, I will introduce you to the relevant knowledge of full-height turnstiles in detail. The full-height turnstile was developed from a three-roller gate, borrowing the characteristics of turnstiles (the biggest difference is that the blocking body is not a glass gate, but a metal fence). According to the different blocking heights, it is divided into full-height turnstiles (also known as full-height turnstiles or full-height turnstiles) and half-height turnstiles (also known as half-height turnstiles).

The blocking body (gate) is generally composed of three or four metal rods, parallel to the horizontal plane (also known as three-bar gate) or ten-shaped (also known as cross gate or cross gate). Generally, a hollow closed stainless steel tube is used, which is firm and not easily deformed, and can be blocked and released by rotating. Full height revolving door classification: Movement control is divided into mechanical, semi-automatic and fully automatic.

The number of channels is divided into single-channel, dual-channel, three-channel, four-channel and so on. Single and dual channels are more common. Advantages of full height turnstiles: 1.

The safety of the full-height turnstile is the highest among all the turnstiles, and it is the only one that can be unattended among all the turnstiles. 2. Single-passage is very effectively realized, that is, only one person can pass at a time, and the safety and reliability are relatively high.

3. Strong waterproof and dustproof ability, strong adaptability to the environment, suitable for outdoor and indoor. Disadvantages of full height turnstiles: 1.

The width of the passage is small (referring to the width that allows pedestrians to pass), generally around 510mm. 2. The traffic speed is the slowest.

3. It covers a large area. 4.

The appearance is not very malleable, and most styles lack aesthetics. 5. High cost, long cycle and troublesome installation.

Application of this gate: 1. High confidentiality occasions. 2.

Use high anti-violence occasions. 3. Unattended occasions.

4. Such as gymnasium, prison, community side door, factory side door, military area and other entrance and exit management.

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