What are the troubleshooting methods for swing gate turnstile?


swing gate turnstile is a very suitable product for efficient and safe control of pedestrian traffic. The design is simple, it is a purely mechanical transmission product, without electric control operation, it has a simple structure and high reliability. In an emergency, high-density pedestrians can be quickly cleared to ensure safety.

It can create a very safe environment and has a wide range of applications. Troubleshooting methods for community-specific swing gate turnstiles: Common faults during the use of swing gate turnstiles include: safety protection device failures, real-time alarm system failures, LED counting display failures, and intelligent control and management failures. If the above failures occur, the user can solve them by themselves according to the following maintenance methods, or ask the swing gate turnstile manufacturer to come to repair them.

The swing gate turnstile coordinates the control and management of the swing gate turnstile intelligent channel system by configuring various reading and writing devices, safety protection devices, real-time alarm systems, LED counting displays and direction indication interfaces. Fly gate troubleshooting can go through several steps like this. Determine whether the limit photoelectric switch is exposed to strong light (generally refers to outdoor installation and debugging): 1.

Detection method: cover the case cover; swing gate turnstile fault inspection If you need to open the case or movement cover, please use a dark color opaque object to cover the limit photoelectric switch for debugging. 2. If the limit photoelectric switch and wiring are normal, the main board is damaged.

3. Check whether the connection between the limit photoelectric switch and the main board is reliable; 4. Test the limit photoelectric switch of the swing gate turnstile: (1) Check the zero position, the left open position, and the swing gate turnstile fault Check whether the limit photoelectric switch of the right open position is powered! Check whether the 4PIN wire is loose or not in good contact; (2) Enter the debugging menu P00, check the fault of the swing gate turnstile, turn the brake shaft to drive the light blocking plate to block the photocoupler of the limit photoelectric switch of the left open position, zero position and right open position in turn, and the indicator light should be strained when the optocoupler is cut off On and the output voltage is +12V, otherwise the limit photoelectric switch is damaged.

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