What are the product types of three roller gates?


Can be divided into: one-way three-roll gate, two-way three-roll gate. Can be divided into: electric three-roll gate, manual three-roll gate. Can be divided into: bridge type three-roll gate, vertical three-roll gate.

According to the traffic mode, it can be divided into: electromechanical three-roll gate, semi-automatic three-roll gate, and fully automatic three-roll gate. According to the flow size, it can be divided into: ordinary three-roller gate, high-flow three-roller gate. According to the braking method, it can be divided into fully automatic braking three-roller gate and semi-automatic braking three-roller gate (this type belongs to the mainstream high-grade gate in foreign countries) At present, the mainstream three-roller gates in China are divided into automatic three-roller gates, semi-automatic three-roller gates and manual three-roller gates.

Fully automatic three-roller gate: also known as electric three-roller gate, equipped with a motor. All operations of the gate are driven by motors. At the same time, the motor drives the brake lever to rotate when the power is turned on, so as to realize the automatic upper lever when the power is turned on, which is very convenient to use.

Semi-automatic three-roller gate: Equipped with a motor or two electromagnets to control entry and exit locking and unlocking. After the authorization is passed, the electromagnet drives the unlocking arm to unlock, the release lever can be rotated in one direction, and the user can gently push the lever through the channel. The semi-automatic three-roller gate is designed with a reverse function, which can effectively prevent pedestrians from running backwards.

Manual three-roller gate: purely mechanical without any electrical equipment. Users only need to push the brake lever lightly with their hands to pass through the passage without swiping cards, automatic positioning, or resetting the system. One-way free passage is controlled, and the other direction is locked and prohibited.

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