What are the important functions of the road gate in the parking lot?


There are five common types of anti-collision for parking lot gates: ground sensing anti-collision, infrared anti-collision, pressure wave anti-collision, digital anti-collision, and radar anti-collision. 1. Ground sensing anti smashing technology.

Generally speaking, the parking lot has a sense of grounding. The first coil is called trigger coil, which is buried in the head of the toll island. After the vehicle is detected to pass, the signal is sent to the vehicle detector in the gate, and the pull rod is lifted to release.

The second coil is called the danger coil and is buried directly below the brake rod. When detecting a vehicle, it sends a signal to the vehicle detector in the gate to prevent the gate control rod from falling and colliding with the vehicle. When the signal disappears, the pull rod will fall off.

2. Infrared anti smashing. This method is to install an infrared radiation device on both sides of the entrance and exit door.

When the vehicle enters and blocks the infrared ray, the door lever will automatically rise, and the response is relatively fast. However, the range of infrared radiation is very small, and it is easy to be interfered by rain and snow weather. Disadvantages of infrared stealth device: large vibration impact, and inaccurate focusing of gratings on both sides.

In addition, the infrared radiation range is small and easy to be interfered by rain and snow. 3. Anti smashing of pressure wave.

Collision prevention, also known as anti-collision, is mainly equipped with anti-collision devices. In the process of falling, the loading lock bar contacts with vehicles or pedestrians, and the rubber belt set under the loading lock bar is blocked. The intelligent anti-collision device immediately converts the state of the falling bar to the state of the starting bar, loads the lock and rises.

4. Digital anti-collision. During the lowering of the brake lever, the integrated circuit continuously detects the running current of the motor.

For example, when the brake rod is blocked from falling and the motor current changes beyond the preset value, the output signal reverses after the motor stops running, so that the brake rod temporarily stops falling. The digital anti-collision system has high technical safety and, of course, high cost. Digital automatic detection anti-collision vehicle detection technology, without the need for other auxiliary protection devices, accurately collects the brake lever operation data in real time and monitors the operation, and the brake lever rises rapidly during operation.

5. Radar anti smashing. The radar vehicle detector can be independently installed on the roadside or in the loading interlock box.

The radar detection range is adjustable, and the loading interlock time is intelligently controlled. After the radar detects that the target has left the radar irradiation area, it can distinguish between pedestrians and vehicles by aligning the gate and lowering the control rod. Within a short period of time before the vehicle passes through the pull rod, lift the pull rod immediately after the pedestrian passes through to avoid pedestrian collision.

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