What are the important considerations when choosing a pedestrian swing gate?


The swing gate is one of our common types of pedestrian passage gates. Compared with other gates, the swing gate is smaller in size, which is more convenient in terms of site considerations. The swing gate operates quickly and has many styles, which can be used for both pedestrians and people.

Large objects are accessible without barriers. Important points to note when choosing a pedestrian swing gate: 1. Movement: In order to have a long service life of the pedestrian swing gate, in addition to handling the usual correct use and maintenance, you must pay more attention when purchasing, and it is more secure to choose a motor with an imported movement.

2. Material: The box body of the pedestrian swing gate is made of 304 or 316 stainless steel, and the gate swing material is preferably made of flexible materials such as acrylic or plexiglass. 3.

The glass material on the top of the barcode reader: the top of the barcode reader must be transparent. The use of plexiglass is low in cost and easy to process and install. However, after multiple ticket swipes, the glass will be worn and rough, which will affect the reading speed and accuracy of the barcode.

, so wear-resistant quartz glass must be used; 4. Ticket checking speed: The speed of ticket checking is a very important indicator for the large flow of gates. The ticket checking speed depends on the gate control method, the communication networking method, the ticket checking processing software, and the mechanical action speed.

5. Selection of supporting systems: For systems such as face recognition systems embedded in pedestrian swing gates, QR code scanning, ID card verification and other systems, mature suppliers should also be selected. Pedestrian swing gate is one of the relatively complete anti-intrusion measures.

It is strong, and indoor anti-locking can basically prevent intrusion. So you can use it with confidence. Therefore, it is necessary to use an intelligent channel management system, which is the premise of a closed community.

Pedestrian swing gate is a high-tech product mainly aimed at the intelligent management of personnel passages. The device organically integrates machinery, electronics, microprocessor control and various identification technologies. Through the selection of various identification system equipment and the use of reliable safety protection devices, alarm devices, direction indicators, and expanded LED counting display interfaces, the intelligent control and management of channel management can be coordinated and realized.

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