What are the functional characteristics of the swing brake?


The swing gate is the control equipment of the pedestrian passage. It is used in places where the entrance and exit of personnel need to be controlled, such as canteens, hotels, museums, gymnasiums, clubs, subways, stations, docks, etc. The use of swing gate can make people flow through the channel orderly.

First of all, the intelligent swing gate system also inherits the convenience of the traditional swing gate. As long as the designated IC card sways in front of the induction system, it can realize multiple functions such as card swiping, charging and recording. In addition, the card reading speed in the current intelligent system can reach 0.

1 seconds, which can be said to be very convenient and convenient. Secondly, when using the intelligent swing gate system, its security is also very perfect. The IC card can only be used in the designated system, and the latest key system used will not be cracked by hackers and other programs, and can only enter the swing gate with the card.

Although the swing gate system is very intelligent and complex, it is very simple to swipe the card at the terminal, which has the advantage of stronger reliability and less failure. Both the owners and property management personnel are relieved. Now more and more cells use the swing gate system, which is also closely related to its strong flexibility.

No matter what type of cell or access control system, you can meet the needs of users through flexible settings of the swing gate. The current swing gate system is often a combination of the management system of the community to achieve a real all-in-one card, which just reflects the strong compatibility of the swing gate system and its good scalability. Another advantage of the swing gate system is that it is easy to install and maintain, and can be automatically upgraded through networking, so you don't need to worry about its later maintenance.

Just mentioned is the advantage of the intelligent swing gate in the daily use of the community access control system. With the update and iteration of the current swing gate system technology, I believe that the future swing gate system will be more intelligent and convenient to use. It is a professional three roller gate, swing gate, wing gate, turnstile, express gate, channel system, ticketing system, and gradually improves the integration and application of IC/ID card, two-dimensional code, fingerprint, ID card, face recognition and other series of products.

Through continuous efforts, it has developed into the most powerful supplier of intelligent channel gate products in the industry.

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