What are the entrance devices in the parking lot management system?


With the development of science and technology, parking lot vehicle management has become more formal. The same kind of vehicle import and export management equipment has been used in highway import and export. In recent years, it has gradually developed into residential areas and parking lots.

Vehicle entrance and exit management equipment generally consists of vehicle entrances and exits, vehicle detectors, electronic display screens, management computers, fill light equipment, license plate recognition cameras and other equipment. What are the entrance equipment in the parking lot management system? 1. Vehicle barriers, mainly to control and manage the entry and exit of vehicles.

In addition to this main feature, it also has other features such as anti-smashing function and built-in display. 2. Vehicle detector: Its main function is to trigger, so that the surveillance camera is not always turned on, and the camera can only be turned on when the car enters the lane when the ground sense is triggered, thus realizing the protection of the target.

3. Electronic display screen: It is located at the door to display the real-time status of parking spaces in the parking lot and other parking spaces and other vehicle information. 4.

Manage computer, install license plate recognition system software, vehicle management software, control management and store data. 5. License plate recognition camera: a device in the license plate recognition system, which can monitor and capture passing vehicles, and the captured pictures are transmitted to the system for identification, so as to achieve the purpose of automatic license plate recognition.

6. In order to eliminate the influence of the license plate recognition rate due to insufficient light, the supplementary light equipment with different strengths should be selected according to the surrounding environment and used together. The structure of the parking lot license plate number recognition system: The basic hardware configuration of the parking lot license plate recognition system is mainly composed of a camera, a main control computer, a capture card, and lighting equipment.

As an image analysis and processing software, this software includes license plate recognition function and background management software that meets specific application requirements. The parking lot license plate recognition system is further divided into two types of products that integrate software and hardware or use hardware to realize the recognition function module to form a full hardware license plate recognizer. Another type of performance is open hardware and software systems that are standard industrial products as hardware and embedded software.

Both product formats have advantages and disadvantages. The open system has the advantages of using standard industrial products for hardware, easy operation and maintenance, and can charge for spare parts procurement from any manufacturer, and is not troubled by a single manufacturer. Product failure or difficulty in purchasing due to bankruptcy or insufficient supply.

In addition, the integrated software and hardware products make it more convenient for users to control the operation of the product. It is also relatively easy to grasp, which is convenient for later maintenance and debugging.

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