What are the daily maintenance tasks of the swing gate?


In fact, the functions of wing gates, swing gates, and tripod gates are quite different. Different gates are used in different occasions. As a highly active passage gate, the swing gate also requires daily maintenance and maintenance, especially the mechanism The core needs to drip lubricating oil to ensure the good use of the machine.

Although there are many specific models of swing gates, and the swing gates used in many places are customized, but in the daily maintenance, they often involve several fixed aspects. First, let’s talk about the maintenance of the chassis, because most of the swing gates The chassis is made of stainless steel, so we must pay attention to the cleaning work during daily use, and the traces on the stainless steel surface can be polished with sandpaper and then polished. The maintenance of the swing gate chassis is relatively simple, and because many swing gates are used in the open air, it is not only necessary to pay attention to the cleaning of the stainless steel surface, but also the maintenance of the internal movement.

When we open the chassis, we can often see dust on the movement , When cleaning, use a special detergent or a dry cloth to wipe, and the transmission device should be sprayed with butter, and the oil stains or foreign objects on the transmission device must be cleaned in time. The maintenance of the swing gate is naturally indispensable to the maintenance of the circuit. The more frequently the swing gate is used, the more attention should be paid to the circuit problem, such as the plug-in plugs in various places, etc.

, to ensure that they are installed properly, and whether there are long-term exposed lines. For problems such as aging or damage, the circuit is a consumable, and if it needs to be repaired or replaced, it must be dealt with immediately. Many automatic swing gates now have very advanced sensing systems.

Different types of swing gates may have different sensing systems. However, during daily maintenance, if the sensing system is insensitive or abnormal noise occurs, it must be repaired in time. The maintenance of the above swing gates must be maintained by professionals, especially the movement and electric control parts.

First cut off the power supply and operate safely. Only after professional training and a full understanding of strong and weak currents can they be employed.

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