What are the characteristics of swing gates and three-roller gates?


Access gates include three-roller gates, swing gates, wing gates, turnstiles, word gates, and speed gates. Three-roller turnstiles and swing turnstiles are the most commonly used gates for monitoring the flow at the entrance and exit of safe passages at this stage. Today, Xiangtongbao Technology will take you to master the characteristics of the three-roll gate and swing gate: What are the characteristics of the swing gate and the three-roll gate? Power switch features: Swing gates, also known as flap gates and quick-opening gates, have the strongest ductility and a variety of blocking materials.

It can be made of stainless steel plate, plexiglass plate or tempered laminated glass, which is suitable for the management method of non-motor vehicle safety passage. It has the characteristics of rapid opening, safety and convenience, and is an ideal management method for high-frequency safety passages of non-motor vehicles and correct guidance of machinery and equipment. Used in office buildings, financial enterprises, etc.

Art centers, library management, history museums, government departments, airports, subway entrances, subway stations, corporate commercial streets, etc., can cooperate with each other with smart cards to maintain the function of the intelligent management system of the offline ticket center, resulting in an unmanned management method for workers entering and leaving . Features of three roller gates: The three-roller turnstile adopts three rotating braking system rods, which can reasonably maintain single-lane passage, has strong anti-fouling and moisture-proof work ability, and has strong adaptability to natural environment.

Commonly used in administrative organs, processing plants, intelligent buildings, residential quarters, tourist attractions, exhibition halls, colleges and universities, kindergartens, subway stations, private clubs for leisure and entertainment and other management methods and automatic ticket offices of the People's Bank of China. Can be used indoors and outdoors. The difference between different self-categories depends on the fact that they are used in different regions, and their advantages are also different, which depends on the customer choosing which is more suitable for them.

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