What are the benefits of using an intelligent management system in the parking lot?


1. Can avoid the loss of funds There are many defects in the traditional manual cash charging mode. On the one hand, the work intensity is high and the efficiency is low.

On the other hand, it is easy to cause financial loopholes or cash loss. In contrast, the parking lot management system all uses computer charges, and each payment is confirmed, counted and recorded by the computer, avoiding the occurrence of operational errors or cheating. 2.

Ensure vehicle safety Manual card sending and receiving may cause omissions or no records to be found, lost cars or falsely reported lost cars, which brings a lot of inconvenience to the parking lot management and cannot guarantee the property safety of the owner's vehicle. The parking lot management system will automatically store each parking record, and is also equipped with functional sections such as image comparison, owner vehicle snapshots, and information comparison at the entrance and exit to protect the owner's vehicle safety. 3.

Promote efficient use of parking spaces Parking space guidance is an important technology in the parking lot management system. It is a modern intelligent technology that installs parking space detectors in each parking space to obtain vacant parking space information, and transmits the parking space information to the owner through data processing to guide the owner to park the vehicle. Parking system.

This parking system technology can help car owners to quickly find a parking space, reserve/reserve a parking space and quickly find a car, effectively prevent congestion in the parking lot, improve the efficiency of parking space usage, speed up vehicle turnover, improve the economic efficiency of the parking lot, and improve customer satisfaction. Create a good image of the parking lot. 4.

Effectively maintain order in the parking lot The parking lot system is mainly managed in three ways, namely license plate recognition, card reading, and ticket reading. Vehicles can enter and exit the venue quickly, effectively alleviating the congestion at the entrance and exit of the parking lot. Vehicles using the card/ticket reading method can pick up the card/ticket by themselves, and pay the fee manually (internal vehicles directly read the card and exit the venue); using the license plate recognition method, the internal vehicles can enter and exit the venue without parking, and the foreign vehicles only need to exit the venue.

Pay bills without the cumbersome process of picking up cards/tickets.

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