What are the application scenarios of the face recognition gate system?


With the development of artificial intelligence, the application of artificial intelligence technology is increasingly applied in real life. For example, the application of face recognition technology can be seen in many scenarios, such as face recognition unlocking, access control security management, consumption, etc. Face recognition companies can provide different face recognition solutions according to different application scenarios.

With the development of society and the improvement of people's living standards, the safety of the living environment has been continuously improved, and the demand for foreign tourists, entry and exit customs clearance inspection has continued to increase. Applying traditional access control in the community will make it difficult to manage foreign tourists and easy to lose access control. Based on these needs, face recognition door systems are widely used in community, important places, stations and other entry and exit scenarios.

In airports, railway stations, customs and other public transportation places, the combination of face recognition technology and identity verification system verification enables passengers to conduct self-service security check or self-check-in through the face-recognition gate, replacing manual inspection, improving ticket-checking efficiency and improving Passenger convenience. In office buildings, large companies can install face recognition door systems to realize smart office work. Users can say goodbye to traditional card swiping methods, effectively preventing forgetting to punch in, and only need to recognize faces to enter and exit.

The application of face recognition technology can strengthen the management and services of office buildings, improve user experience, provide data for enterprises and property management, and effectively optimize management. The application of the face recognition door system in the community can make the safety management of the community more technological, improve the identification of traffic personnel, effectively reduce the safety work, and improve the management efficiency. The application of this system can create a convenient traffic effect for community residents and effectively prevent illegal entry of outsiders.

When residents are inconvenient to find the card with large bags and small bags, forget to bring or lose the door card, they can swipe their face to open the door, which is convenient and enhances the residents' sense of security in the community. The face recognition door system can also be applied to the field system. The system can be used for attendance management of construction site personnel.

Face recognition technicians can scan their faces to enter and leave the construction site. The high recognition rate can improve the passing efficiency of personnel, effectively avoid the phenomenon of workers forgetting the card or losing the work card, and can safely manage the workers on the construction site.

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