What are the application fields of smart barrier in the community?


With the progress of society, people's security awareness has gradually improved, and intelligent solutions have gradually entered people's lives. Intelligent door is one of them, which brings safety and convenience to people, So, what is it? The three advantages of intelligent gate application are as follows. 1.

Authentication In fact, in our days, many local people do not allow outsiders to enter. Therefore, we use the gate system to identify and verify people's identities. If you are an internal person, you can Direct release.

If you are not an internal person, you will not be allowed to pass. This allows you to automatically filter people. 2.

Maintain order The gate can be used as a protection sequence. In some shopping malls or places with large flow of people, you can use the gate to consciously queue up, improve the efficiency of the flow of people and reduce the congestion at the entrance of the shopping mall. 3.

Standardized management Crowded places will be more crowded. Therefore, in order to regulate the import and export, the import and export cannot be exported and the export cannot enter, so as to reduce congestion. Door is the first choice of equipment, which can reduce a lot of manpower.

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