What are the advantages of three roller gates? What are the applications?


What are the advantages of three roller gates? 1. The cost of the three-roller turnstile is lower than that of other types of turnstiles, and the customer's purchase preference is given priority; 2. The three-roller gate has a relatively practical anti-following function.

Compared with other turnstiles, the structure design of the three-roller turnstile has paid attention to the anti-following design; there is no need to install other auxiliary components; 3. The shape design of the three-roller gate is relatively easy to guide the user's use. Because of its high ubiquity and simple structure, ordinary first-time users can use it directly without learning.

What are the application places of three roller gates? 1. The three-roller gate can be used for one-way or two-way pedestrian passages; 2. Stations, wharfs, and tourist attractions import and export channels; 3.

Ticket inspection channels such as three roller gate conferences and swimming pools; 4. Import and export attendance, access control and consumption management of communities, factories, enterprises and institutions.

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